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How my party encountered their first moral split

Content of the article: "How my party encountered their first moral split"

-Be me: New DM about 7 sessions into my homebrew

-Be not me: Party of 5 inc Aasimar Pally LG, Avariel Bard (homebrew) CG, Tabaxi Thief CN, Human sorcerer N, and Tiefling Warlock CN

-Party have entered the dwarven city and learnt that it is plagued by a creature appearing every 6 months to slaughter many of the dwarves for 50 odd years

-After asking around, they are told by a local retired monster hunter that he believes the monster is a Vorgalask, an invisible, extremely powerful creature born of a curse (my take on the Witcher’s Striga), and was most likely a dwarf girl since all Vorgalasks are female. He tells them there are stories of how to lift the curse, and that certain words must be spoken once the beast is incapacitated

-Party enters the crypts to find the Vorgalask, after cutting through some Strayed (feral dwarves) they finally locate the creature

-Vorgalask is a handful, many rounds of combat and some serious damage put on by the monster, even with a surprise round from the party, everyone concerned about lifting the curse and saving the girl

-After many rounds, the Vorgalask pounces on the Pally, with a Nat 20 the Pally goes down, turn ends with Vorgalask’s arm raised for the killing blow, Warlock is up next

-Inflict Wounds, decent damage

-HDYWTDT, I remind the player that if they desire, they can incapacitate the creature non lethally

-Pause, a few moments of thought

-“I cut it in half”

-Pally player’s jaw drops, Bard’s jaw drops, my jaw drops

-Warlock describes brutal cutting in half of the creature, I describe the aftermath, where it reverts to a young teenage-ish dwarf girl, now in two pieces

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-The party is instantly divided, and the session becomes our most memorable, first time I’ve had tears shed (almost) by players and real weight to the story, the party went back and told the parents what happened, and the whole thing was just amazing to experience

-party have now doubled frequency of sessions because of how much they loved it, my favourite moment DMing so far!

TLDR: Party could have saved a girl but a member purposefully chose not to due seeing it as a monster and not a girl, party divided but session is amazing

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