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How my PC of over a year died in a stupid but epic way

I've been playing a bear totem barbarian for over a year now and had just hit level 10 after killing a young blue dragon.

In the past week in-game our part has slain a dragon, 3 hags, boneclaw, render, a powerful vampire and his vampire troops, erinyes, ortorn, amnizu, several bearded devils, and an army of undead including an undead fire giant. Let's just say it has been an intensive week.

My barbarian has been on a quest from Kord to collect the Vestiges of the Storm Kings from throughout the world, and combine them. Strangely he has become very religious during his time as a champion of Kord, and I actually put my recent point from levelling up into Tempest Cleric, something the DM worked out with me so I could use some things through the dormant Hammer of Storms I had just looted from the dragon's hoard. This is something that none of the rest of the party knew and they thought I'd just continued along my totem barbarian ways.

So, now we are on a ship, calmly sailing for several days until I roll a 20 and the DM says that's interesting. We discover an arch underwater with some runes around it, so we park up the ship about 400ft away, telepathic bond, underwater breathing, and then the bard turns me into a killer whale, everyone gets on my back, and (this is where my wording should have been better) go straight through the portal, and so we do, full speed.

At this point, the DM says "oh shit" and starts to describe what we see. What we see in fact in a dark abyss, and in front of us the gaping maw of a kraken, flanked by two wastriliths, my barbarian starts to sweat (if killer whales can sweat). We are surrounded by nothing but darkness, the portal is behind us perched atop a large underwater mountain.

My group decides that this is a fight we can take, and usually in these situations I'm high on the initiative because of a +3 initiative and advantage on initiative rolls so would have instantly taken us out, however, I am currently a killer whale and roll horribly. As you can imagine we swiftly get turned into the kraken's play things, the rogue who two seconds ago was saying it isn't too much damage is now at 1hp in front of one of the wastriliths, I'm out of polymorph now but not raging yet, and everyone else has realised that it is time to leave.

Eventually the bard puts the kraken in a spherical wall of force, which is the MVP move here, our warlock and ranger dimension door away, and somehow the rogue swims out the portal. Now, it's my turn, it's just me and the bard, I rage, move to the bard's side, lift up my hammer in one hand, hold my holy symbol tight in the other, and shout a prayer to Kord "Stormlord, help me leave this foul place!". At this point the party are looking at me somewhat questioningly as usually my answer to every scenario is smash!

At that point, there is a thunderclap and a whirlpool forms coming from the portal and sucks myself and the bard out. Placing one of the wastriliths beside me, and the bard a bit away from us. Another thunderclap sounds followed by a booming voice "close it!". I had just been saved by my god, and granted his boon, giving me the buff of siege breaker, making all the damage I deal to objects be doubled. I should also mention that the Hammer of Storms is an adamantine maul, so I started doing what I do best, smashing. I start throwing out reckless great weapon masters, critting every time because of the Hammer, while the wastrilith is slashing and biting me from behind, but no, my mission is clear.

While that happened, our ranger was still inside and felt some sort of impending doom arising from the depths below him and took this as his queue to leave via the portal, coming out to see an angry goliath smashing the side of the portal. After several smashes, sparks start shooting out from the hammer, the once dormant hammer is now awake, granting an extra 1d6 on my throws, each of my hits dealing between 50-115 damage, but finally I miss once, the DM shudders, and boss music begins.

Remember that impending doom, it has finally reached the other side of the portal, and we can all feel it. The rest of the party had been attacking the wastrilith that was focused on me before the ranger succeeded on fearing it away, but now we were the ones feeling the real fear. After two more hard swings against the portal, the boss music begins, and out through it comes Dagon, currently half way between worlds, I hear his voice echoing in my head "so you are the one who dare try to destroy my portal?", and manages to grapple me with one of his tentacles. At this point, there's a chance, his gargantuan demonic form is only half way out of the portal, I have a chance to finish this, the cracks are already forming on the portal, but alas it was not meant to be.

He moves fully out of the portal, tearing me 25ft away from the portal… it's time to think, what in the name of the Stormlord am I going to do? I pull out my Javelin of Lightning, throwing it with all my might and shout "KORD!" turning it into a lightning bolt, it strikes the portal hard, but it still stands… I have no other magical thrown weapons, actually the only magical weapon I have is this adamantine maul, but 25ft is a ridiculous distance to throw something underwater. The roll is called, I need to hit 16 or above, and I roll… my barbarian musters all the strength in my weakened body and throw the Hammer of Storms at the portal, dedicating it to the might of Kord, the maul shoots through the water like a torpedo and strikes the portal, falling to the bottom of the ocean, no longer sparking with electric energy… but then the cracks start dramatically snapping open and the portal starts to crumble and fall all around the Prince of the Depths and his captured barbarian. Dagon shrieks in anger, looks at me, and fires a green ray at the smiling barbarian, disintegrating him, the ashes diluting into the sea. The last thing my barbarian sees is the flap of wings, and a booming voice saying "welcome".

Disclaimer: First time writing a story about something that happened in D&D but I'm currently in mourning over losing my first long time PC, and the biggest saving grace is how epic my death was.


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