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How my players (mostly) got away with murdering an entire family

Content of the article: "How my players (mostly) got away with murdering an entire family"


Be me, DM

Be not me, half elf bard, tiefling rogue, fire genasi sorcerer, elf monk

Players are leaving Xanathar’s Guild hideout after killing Grum’shar, Renear and Floon are with them

I decided to be a little generous and gave the monk a pair of enchanted gauntlets normally used for spellcasting but he wanted them for punching people (Important)

Players leave through Peabody family’s cellar

Family is alarmed, but calm

Rogue: I roll deception and say that the house is mine

It of course fails

Other players attempt to persuade the family into saying that they own the house, and telling them to leave the house

The bard makes a high IQ play and just leaves with Floon and Renear

Other players getting confused/frustrated

Monk: I roll to punch the one in front of me

He rolls a nat 20 for hit and gets a max roll on his unarmed attack

”The monk pulls back his hand, wearing the gauntlet, and punches the father halfling across the room, he flies out of the window and into the middle of the street, seemingly unconscious”

The rest of the family, the 2 children and the wife, attempt to run out of the front door

As monk runs upstairs, rogue throws an axe into the wife’s leg

Monk looks out of the window, sees guards running towards the house after a lot of yelling from passers by and the father in the streets

Also sees the bard just strolling away, whistling to himself

Monk attempts to jump from the window to a nearby rooftop, rolls a 24, easily does it

Sorcerer is thinking of how to hold off the guards, she lights the front door on fire

The wife’s screams of pain tear through the other yelling and noise

Rogue attempts to do the same as the monk, ends up hanging from a second story ledge

Sorcerer runs through the front door, rolling low and tripping over the charred carcass of the wife

She takes some damage, and is grabbed by guards

Bard continues whistling as he’s calmly walking away

Rogue drops to ground level, takes some damage

Rogue runs out of alley into street, throws down ball bearings in an attempt to save the sorcerer

The sorcerer rolls high enough to break free from the guard holding her, and rolls high enough to avoid the ball bearings

Both of them are running, Sorcerer is able to get away and hide, while Rogue falters and is captured

these are the heroes trying to save the world

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