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How my warlock won at mental chess with his patron

Content of the article: "How my warlock won at mental chess with his patron"

Little bit of backstory before I get to the actual green text… I play a fallen aasimar pact of fiend tomelock. Well, I did. He was fiend until he multi’d into life cleric to give a holy spark, and then went full celestial warlock. His name is Aldo. A vizier of asmodeus himself WAS his patron. Ilmater is his new, true patron. The rest of the party is simple. Thief rogue and oath of watchers paladin. I’m the utility, healing, and damage all in one divine package. Campaign was mainly about exploring this world, interacting with the religions (we ended up throwing a corrupt pope off his own church and destroying it after freeing their god from a magic dungeon), and trying to find something called The Spellvault. We travel back from cursed lands to the town Aldo owns, as he is a noble. The story begins.

party arrives at Aldo’s town, and we see his chain devil brother who taunts him while the town burns. ELDRITCH BLAST AND SMITE! chain devil reveals himself as old patron, essentially an Archdevil level threat without all the influence. beat on the patron a bit, with smite and radiant eldritch blast and such. Aldo counterspells a 9th lvl hold person, no easy feat for a lvl 9. patron reveals that he had control the whole time, and that it was Raziel giving the celestial warlock power the whole time to help OG patron. Aldo is understandably upset. Screams at patron to just kill him, see exactly what happens, while paladin and rogue beat on him. patron says no, strips him of all warlock levels. Aldo just laughs. And laughs. And laughs. I bring up to DM that.. Aldo was a divine soul sorc in backstory and went warlock route… no warlock levels means full sorc levels. patron is upset at being outplayed, says stuff along the lines of I’ll have your soul blah blah you got tricked. Aldo just dies laughing and reveals that no matter what devil patron does… he can’t win. capture Aldo and take his soul? It’s still tainted with purity and worship of ilmater. No status gain in 9 hells and makes Devil patron look bad for not being able to corrupt Aldo. kill Aldo and destroy his soul? Failed to claim soul and looks even worse as he had to give up. patron is annoyed, Aldo has pulled a Magnus the Red on Tzeentch, and just basis in the fact that he literally outsmarted what is essentially an Archdevil. patron plane shifts home, session ends on cliff hanger. me and DM talk in VC for a few hours about lore and mechanics, decide that ilmater gives Aldo full celestial lock powers and redeems him to protecter Aasimar finally, and Aldo is fully cut from old pact so no risk of that… but huge risk of devil attacks.

TL;DR, Warlock outsmarted one of the smartest types of beings in the multiverse, and didn’t lose anything but his town which he can rebuild.

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