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How should I build my Paladin to mash well with my party?

Content of the article: "How should I build my Paladin to mash well with my party?"

I think Paladin is the best class for my party's setup, and it's just a cool class regardless (but if you think of one that is a better mix, please go ahead give another suggestion). It's a 3-person party with a Monk (WotOH) and a Cleric (Life), starting at level 5. I'm actually not sure if it's supposed to be a one-shot, or a short campaign, or a legit campaign. The GM kinda sent us a message on a whim and no one pried further.

Anyway, I'm thinking of going Var Human Oath of Vengeance with 16 str 10 dex 14 con 16 cha. Gameplay is to cast Shield of Faith on myself and wait until the 10% chance of crit procs and I use cast a spell slot 2 Smite. I'll be taking the Lucky feat (kinda non-negotiable, I can explain why) at level 1, and (this is where I'm not sure what to do) Sentinel at level 4. But the Shield Master feat is really good too, specially with my low Dex. And Mounted Combatant seems much less good than the other ones, but I don't know, maybe I'm wrong?

Sentinel pros and cons: lets me be a true "tank" by punishing attackers who attack someone else. Matches well with the party since the other two are kind of melee classes also. Useless if the DM would play nice and make monsters attack me regardless.

Shield Master pros and cons: Protects me from spells (while the Lucky feat protects me from physical attacks). The bonus action bash is awkward though, because first two turns I need to spend my bonus action elsewhere (Channel Divinity and Shield of Faith) and the Monk can already shove prone enemies anyway.

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Mounted Combatant: I don't understand this feat very well. I guess the pros are free advantage (I already have Channel Divinity) and a warhorse that can occasionally tank for me? Cons are, sometimes you can't bring your warhorse to combat? I don't know.

Any other feats that would be good choices that I'm not thinking of? Feel free to throw them in the mix!

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