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How should I play my god of magic?

Storm raiders, get out of here, even though I know none of you use reddit often.

So the players are currently in the end game of the campaign, they have rough 11 months until the eldritch fiend warlord known as Dave is going to break through the space barrier and invade the planes of peace with his massive army. The players are tasked with finding and reuniting the fallen gods who were struck down in accordance with Dave's plan. Currently they are on 3/7, finding Brian, the god of knowledge and magic and all that stuff (He's called brian because it's brain misspelled not just because I give all my important npcs boring names).

So what I'm trying to figure out before the next session is how should I play this character? They made their way up to the north pole, 6 level 14 characters. They're going to fight an adult white dragon at the beginning of next session but I imagine that won't last too long. I want the encounter with Brian to be within the session and possibly end within the session because we still have a bunch of stuff to get through in the campaign.

What are some interesting ideas you might put into play in my situation. Like the surrounding environment, or Brian's personality, or something like that.

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The only definitive trait I have for Brian is that they're all about controlled magic, compared to wild magic that one of the other gods (Pardonculus) has domain over.

Also for context the god is in the frozen north because a few hundred years ago, a more minor god under the command of Dave named Waldo used his massive sneak attack bonus to knock all the gods out and weaken the barrier between the planes of peace and the 3 planes of war (the void, the abyss and the infernum, which is my name for hell.) So he ended up somewhere random. It doesn't have to do with his personality or anything.

In my head the arrogant, haughty wizard personality is the first idea that comes to mind, but I feel it might be more interesting if I went with something else, simply because the first idea is just what you would expect and wouldn't be as memorable, but I also don't want to just subvert for the sake of subversion. So let me know of what you think. This isn't urgent or anything, i'm sure whatever i come up with my players will like because I've always got some funny idea up there that the players either think is pretty funny or pretty cool. I've got a good group.

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Sorry if this is a little incoherent I'm writing this at 1 in the morning and I don't feel like dropping the entire history of my campaign just for this post, so I just included what i thought to be necessary and I'm not proofreading this.

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