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How “The Greatest Physician of All Time” saved a town from a zombie apocalypse and “acquired” a mansion

Content of the article: "How “The Greatest Physician of All Time” saved a town from a zombie apocalypse and “acquired” a mansion"

Be me

Level 7 Life Cleric

"Ktarius Suiratk, a Physician"

Have 3 others in party

Get told that a village nearby needs our help

Travel to the village, see strange trees, see black smoke, see dead bodies contorted

Ask around what's going on

Apparently a localized zombie apocalypse

During each social encounter, Ktarius increases his title

Someone asks who we are

I am Ktarius Suiratk, the Greatest Physician in the Lands

DM: Roll deception

With a beautiful -1 modifier, I roll a natural 20

Truly the greatest physician in the lands

Get told about the town mayor who lives in a massive, lavish mansion / tower

Get told about the "darkstar", a magical relic that prevents this localized zombie apocalypse

But darkstar requires regular attendance to maintain the magic

This regular attendance is expensive

The mayor is a dick and fires all the religious attendants and uses the money for his own gains

Party decides to go to the mayor tower

Open the gate and walk through the yard littered with corpses

Ktarius, the Greatest Physician on the Continent explodes with his first step and almost dies


Cast Detect Magic

There's traps


See the traps

As the universe's greatest physician, Ktarius cuts off one of the corpses hands and throws it at one of the magic glowing glyphs he sees with Detect Magic running

Acid splash

Sees windows 10 stories up the tower

Other party member (Level 6 Wizard, Level 1 Artificer) casts Fly on Ktarius

Ktarius, with Fly + Detect Magic zooms up into air

Realize at 4 hp

Fuck it

Zoom around the building, look at everything

Read:  Would this be unfair to my players? /how do I make this combat more unique

LOTS of magic of all different varieties given off from everywhere

Fuck it x2

Full speed through the top floor / attic window

Take 1d4 damage…. 3.

1 hp

Hear footsteps coming up to the attic


Roll stealth



Put a lamp shade on my head and stand very still

Mayor walks into dark attic

Perception check

Rolls nat 1!!!!!

Walks over to window, curious whats going on

Ktarius casts Hold Person

Mayor rolls 1 under spell save dc

Mayor = Paralyzed

Ktarius, remembering everyone in town talking about how selfish the Mayor is and how spiteful he is

Ktarius runs full speed and shoves the mayor out the 10th story attic window

Mayor falls out, paralyzed, slams into the various roofs

Mayor lands on the explosive traps on the yard

Mayor dead

Can now bring the townspeople in and save them, then go deal with the darkstar in the morning

Forget to tell townspeople about the traps

Townsperson explodes

Immediately cast revivify

Ktarius, the Greatest Physician in All of Time and Space

And that is the story of how our party acquired a mansion and saved a town

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