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How The Wizards Helped Us Escape a Gorgon, a Kraken and Immediately Destroy our Ship

Content of the article: "How The Wizards Helped Us Escape a Gorgon, a Kraken and Immediately Destroy our Ship"

Just a quick background: our party was looking for a mysterious island that you could only find if you got lost at sea. We had just bought a huge boat and sailed into the horizon trying to get lost. That’s when shit started.

The party was: Me (a one-armed monk), a sorcerer, a conjuration wizard, an enchantment wizard and an abjuration wizard.

On one session, only monk, Conjuration wizard and sorcerer went, so we would try to do simple things, like try to find something suspicious on the horizon etc. We ended up reaching a little islet with an entrance to a cave, naturally we entered. We rolled perception and stuff and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That is until we started to find statues of different people in some kind of corridor, and in the end, it had a trident, Poseidon’s Trident.

And, like good adventurers, we rolled percep… no, we went straight for it. That’s when we heard something slither on the ground. It was a Gorgon, and she came right at us. The dm told us to roll initiative.

Monk: I drop my weapon and sit on the ground with my eyes closes.

Sorcerer: I’ll do the same.

Conjuration wizard: I’ll try to talk to her.

And oh boy, he did. He found out that she had been cursed to stay there for eternity guarding the trident. A few minutes of in game conversation between them passed and she asked him to kill her, and he did, becoming the new owner of the trident.

Now, a few sessions later, everyone was at the table. We had been adrift for a few days in-game. Some of us tried to fish something to eat, but caught nothing, that is until the boat started to tremble. Monk, sorcerer and A wizard were sleeping in the hammocks while the rest was trying to fish. Tentacles started to go up the sides of the boat. Everyone on the ship started to attack the tentacles, so we rolled for initiative.

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The kraken went first, the monk, sorcerer and the wizards. the kraken opened up a few holes on the ship in its turn, then monk destroyed one of the tentacles, sorcerer casts a fireball, doesn’t do much, until…

Enchantment wizard: I’ll cast banishment on the Kraken.

She turns to the kraken, points at it and says:

Enchantment wizard: You are so ugly and mean, I don’t want to see you again.

Dm rolls the charisma check and you could taste de disappointment in the air. He rolled a nat 1 and failed the save. Kraken is banished.

Conjuration wizard: I’ll use the trident to summon powerful winds and move the boat.

DM: Ok, you try to summon the winds and it works. The winds are really strong, you easily reach 60 miles/h.

Conjuration wizard: I’ll keep doing it until we are safe.

DM: Sure, but the speed is increasing, you are now at 75 miles/h.

Monk: Can we see something in the horizon, behind us or in front of us?

DM: Make a perception check.

Monk: 20 something.

DM: Sure, you can see that the kraken appears again where it had been banished and gives up on attacking you (we cheered), but you are going full on speed towards it, about 90 miles/h.

Sorcerer: dude, stop the winds, we don’t need it anymore.

Conjuration wizard: I’ll try to stop the winds.

DM: Roll an arcana check.

Conjuration wizard: 6.

DM: Yeah, it aint stopping bro. And you can see as you get closer to shore, there are several pointy rocks around the island.

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Conjuration wizard: OH SHIT. What do I do guys?

Everyone: Throw the trident away.

Conjuration wizard: NO, ARE YOU GUYS INSANE?

DM: The rocks are getting closer.

Conjuration wizard: I’ll release the anchor.

Everyone (including the DM): WHAT?

Conjuration wizard: Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

DM: Okay, you release the anchor, and I want everyone to roll a dexterity saving throw.

We roll, everyone except for the monk and enchantment wizard saves. The ones that failed go up flying as the ship breaks in half because the anchor had attached to a rock underwater.

Until this day, we never let Conjuration wizard pilot or drive anything

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