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How to balance a character absorbing 1,000 souls?

Content of the article: "How to balance a character absorbing 1,000 souls?"

So in our last session, my character accidentally consumed 1,000 souls by living out each of their lives in their entirety (roughly 80,000 years) over a few moments. It wasn’t from evil intent but it was exceptionally evil nonetheless.

My DM and I both don’t know how the hell to do about that or how to keep things balanced. We’re level 14. We’ve shot around ideas but haven’t landed on something yet. His thoughts were to give me a boon, such as true-sight or the plane-shift one. My idea was the boon to give proficiency in all skills because I lived out 1,000 lives but he thinks that’s too powerful (and I agree, there’s no reason this experience should make my wizard guy better at athletics or sneaking, just mental things really.)

We’re both trying to think of ideas on how to give a satisfying power reward that makes sense but keeps the character relatively on the same playing field as the others. I questioned if I should just stop playing the character because he would realistically be mega powerful now.

My ideas mostly revolve on the experience and the time aspect rather than the power of those souls. Like, I lived 80,000 years living each of these soul’s lives. I feel like that should have some mental stat boost with skill proficiencies and balance that with the downsides of having 1,000 souls in you at once, which would be having a hard time focusing (disadvantage perception), hearing all of those souls all the time (disadvantage WIS saves to insanity effects). My DM is hesitant to mess with his stats, which is understandable because they’re the building blocks of the balance of the game. Still, I think a powerful reward counterweighted by some serious negatives is the most interesting and also what I’ve been going for with the character.

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I wonder how to represent all of that time and knowledge and experience and power in a way that doesn’t just blow things out of the water. Do you guys have any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I think there should be more downsides than disadvantage to perception and insanity saves but I haven’t thought of any more yet. Ideas for downsides and repercussions are also very helpful!

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