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How to be a Ranger without being a Ranger.

Content of the article: "How to be a Ranger without being a Ranger."

With Tasha's coming out, most people (as far as I've seen) dislike the ranger 'fixes'. Most people still find Ranger to be a subpar class, me included.

A good way to go about 'fixing' ranger in my opinion is just not to play it. Instead, there are multiple options for a 'ranger' character without a 'ranger' class.

Option 1 – Eldritch Knight with 'Tracker' feat and Outlander background.

With outlander, you can forage and not get lost. With 'tracker', you can cast hunter's mark and track. With EK spellcasting on the fighter chassis, you have all the combat tools you need, and a wide selection of feats to take. Proficiency with CON saves also helps you keep up that Hunter's mark.

If you want more of a 'forest' feel, dip a couple of levels into Druid, dumping INT for WIS.

Option 2 – Multiclassed scout rogue.

A rogue is sneaky, a scout rogue is foresty. It's already close to the ranger. By multiclassing into Druid, Warlock or Cleric, you gain spells and a wealth of abilities you can use to help enhance the ranger feel, including:

  • Warlock: Speak with Animals at will
  • Druid: Wild shape
  • Cleric (Trickster): Pass without trace and blessing of the trickster
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Option 3 – Warlock (Hexblade).

Warlocks are very customizable in dnd 5e. Pick up invocations to customize yourself. Hexblade's curse acts like Hunter's Mark. You don't need to get pact of the blade, you can instead get a familiar or a grimoire, up to you.

Good invocations include:

  • Armor of Shadows
  • Aspect of the moon
  • Beast speech
  • Devil's sight
  • Eldritch sight
  • Eldritch smite
  • Improved pact weapon
  • Mask of many faces

The list goes on…

I know this is the billionth Ranger post in this subreddit, but I think at this point, the Ranger is doomed. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I haven't yet seen a Ranger build that could out-Ranger any of the builds I've suggested above.

I'd love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.

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