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How to deal with a low wealth monk

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I recently got into DnD with a few friends. The players are new to table top except me and the game master. The GM had one group before we started playing but they were probably only 7-8 sessions deep into the game before they stopped playing and I had a bit of experience with another tabletop (a german one named "Das Schwarze Auge") which is a bit more on the roleplay heavy side.

Anyway I play as a monk and try to stay in character as much as I can that means that I don't want to accumulate any wealth and<<want to help commoners>>(this is part of my backstory).

Now the problem is that everything costs a shitton of money(we are lvl 3 so early game) since the money expenditure is balanced around the normal wealth accumulating part of the party. A health potion costs 50 GP. I wanted to research for a ritual that monsters in our last adventure carried out which were another 50 GP for entering and using the library. But I simply don't have the money. The starting money for my monk was 45 GP(the others started with atleast 100 more). In adventures each party member accumulated around 100-200 GP but since I don't want that much wealth I declined around half of that money to stay in-character.

The GM tried to give me a new weapon only I was proficient in, in the last adventure. Basically it was just laying there after we have slain a monster but a party member is a gambler and decided that we gamble for the item to decide who will get it. But I refused the gambling offer as my god deems gambling as not rightous. So he took it basically and sold it off later.

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My GM and I have no clue now what I can do to get new items. Every weapon that we will find will very likely be gambled for, so no new weapon for me. I don't accumulate the wealth to buy expensive things. I basically can only sustain a life of poor conditions and a health potion every once in a while. Is it my fault that I try too hard to not get rich and should accept the money until atleast 500 or 1000 GP and accept the other characters too and start gambling for the weapons with them, or is it my GM fault that his economy is shit and he needs to do a rework of his own. Or is this just a very weird situation and I should just try to go with it and accept that I can't do a lot of things while in town since everything is based on loads of money(buying things, researching, training a new skill or proficiency)?

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