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How to deal with extremely potent poisons?

Content of the article: "How to deal with extremely potent poisons?"

Hello! If you are playing in a campaign based on the show Made in Abyss and you're party consists of a Teifling Warlock, a Drow Rogue, a Halfling Priest of Lathander, two human sorcerers, and an wise cracking rhyming Aarakocra Monk, turn back now.

Now that it's just us DMs, I was hoping to ask you how you deal with poisons.

The party is likely to encounter a creature called an Orbed Piercer soon. This creature is an absurdly dangerous denizen of the Abyss, most notable for extremely sharp spines covering its body. These spines drip with an extremely caustic poison and can be shot from the creature as a ranged weapon attack.

The creature has the ability Potent Poison, which is a side effect of attacking the creature with melee attacks as well as when the creature slams into a player or fires its spines at them. Below is the poison's stats:

The true danger of the orb piercer is not in its spines that can pierce steel, but in the horrific poison that coats them. The poison accelerates the bodies production of blood tremendously, while weakening the cells that hold the body together. A struck target must make a DC 17 constitution saving throw or suffer (10d6) damage and be stunned for their next turn as blood erupts from their body. the creature is now poisoned. On a success, the creature takes half damage and negates the stunned condition.

A creature that fails its saving throw, must roll a d4 to determine which limb has been poisoned. Each minute following the poisoning, the creature must make a DC 15 Constitution Saving Throw or fall unconscious.

The creature must continue these saving throws until the affected limb is removed or another method is used to cure the poison.

Due to the potency of this poison, immunity to being poisoned does not thwart it, but grant's advantage on the saving throw.

I am wondering if this creature's poison is overpowered and how you would have your players find out about how to cure it. The party currently has a book on poisons in their possession which recommends amputation of the affected limb. However, I would like there to be another way to deal with the poison if the party is clever; I don't really want to railroad them in to hacking off their limbs without some warning. To be clear, I want this to be extremely dangerous, but I don't want it to feel contrived or cheap, if that makes sense.

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