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How to deal with players who don’t even show up to your sessions.

Content of the article: "How to deal with players who don’t even show up to your sessions."

SPOILERS: There might be some Lost Mine of Phandelver spoilers in here.

I am prepping to run LMoP with an extended homebrew twist on the campaign for a set of new players. I have been putting in a LOT of effort to make this campaign as fun as possible. I've made plot hooks for each character, I have incorporated the PC's backgrounds and religion into the story in really fun ways, at least I think. I have been thinking of homebrew monsters to add in, for example a stone golem in the Wave Echo Cave who has gems incased in them that explode when you hit them. To say the least I've been doing a lot of prepping for the one week I've started prepping.

I told the players that I wanted to do a session 0, where we go over rules and boundaries in the campaign. I feel as if any DM should do this as it is important to know what the players want to acheive in the campaign, what they don't like etc.

I told them all the day before because before hand we all said in general that time and day would work best for everybody. The nest day I woke up and an hour before the session 0 I told them and pinged them (this is on discord) to remind them of the session. I did the same 30 mins and 5 mins (didn't ping on the 30 mins). I was really excited to show the players the mechanics and everything to the game. I joined the voice channel and waited for 5 minutes, nobody showed up, 10 still nobody, 20, 30, 45. Nobody showed up. I obviously was super pissed because I put so much time into everything. I asked the Players why they didnt show up, and they all just forgot.

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I mean one of the players told me they couldn't make it the day before, but the others just didn't. I get that they are new charcarcters but still. Does anybody have any tips for this? I'm pissed at my Players and I've lost motivation to do a session 0. Heck if the players do this a couple more times I might just drop the Homebrew, or even the whole campaign entirely.

I just dont know what to do.

TLDR: Ive been prepping for a Homebrew LMoP, and the players were supposed to show up to the session 0 but they didn't.

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