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How to deal with recalling info about monsters in the world?

Content of the article: "How to deal with recalling info about monsters in the world?"

Hi guys! So I've recently started a campaign taking place in a world that takes a lot of inspiration from Scandinavian Folklore. The PC's are students at a school that teaches young folks how to become heroes. Their first 5 years consist of taking courses based on their desired field of heroism. They then graduate to Apprentices, and make their way out into the world to take on missions that are contracted through the school. The courses range from combat to history to tactics to whatever else would come in handy for heroes of specific Character Classes to know. There would also for sure be a course about the monsters, myths and legends of the world. The PC's are currently in their graduation exam, so my question is this: How would I go about letting the PC's recall information that they may have learned about the monsters they encounter? Should I call for them to make History/Arcana checks? Or should I leave it up to them to ask if they can make a check to recall something? Should I let every PC do it or just a specific one?

Here's an example from our first session: They found an old rusty bell sitting at the bottom of a river. They didn't know what it did, so they were cautious to do anything with it. I called for them to make an Arcana check to see if they knew what it was. The Tiefling Sorcerer, who takes her studying at the school very seriously, was the only one who passed the check and realized what this item was; A Bringol Bell (Bloody Rose, anyone?). The Bringol is a type of Troll that uses said bell to cast spells and lure it's prey in. I also told her she would know that the Troll is probably nearby, as a Bringol is never far from it's bell.

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I feel like doing what I did is alright, but I would really like to keep some of the secrets these monsters have hidden, and a simple check feels a bit too easy to divulge those secrets. Is there something I could do differently? I've even thought about writing out a list of a few courses that PC's could choose to have taken in their 5 years prior, and they would get certain benefits from what they chose e.g. the ability to recall Lore about monsters from the Monsters, Myth, and Legends course.

Thank you in advance for your help! 😀

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