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How to decide if your PC’s are evil.

Content of the article: "How to decide if your PC’s are evil."

Sorry for the length of this question but I feel like I need to set up some background info. In the campaign I'm running right now my players have made some less than what you could call "good" choices. They haven't done anything that is just undeniably wrong and evil like drowning a sack of puppies but they have been unnecessarily brutal in their dealings with some monsters and NPC's. They've accepted bribes from villains, one brutally beat up a 20 year old drug dealer for selling what was essentially weed to a different NPC, they have actively and purposefully given power to a local crime syndicate in the town where they have a house, when an NPC they were working with captured a person who was following them the NPC suggested they "get rid of him" and most were completely on board with killing him even though he had done nothing wrong. Recently in the campaign they came across a bandit ambush while traveling on the road, it was pretty clear to them that these guys were not a threat (The party is lvl 10+ and these bandits were CR 1/4) so they made short work of them. However the questionable part came at the end when the bandit captain killed himself because he watched as one of the party electrocuted 9 of his men with a single spell and the others were decapitated. The party then used Revivify to bring him back to life to try and force him to work in their Keep as a servant. When their persuasion failed they snapped his neck (This was the instance I'm most concerned about). And the final instance was when they broke into a bank (this was intended and they bypassed most of the security) and stole some things, however, one of them then went back to try and rob the rest of the bank not caring that he was going to have to kill around 2 dozen guards that were just doing their job.

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I've long believed that even though the players can list their alignments as whatever they think it should be, it will naturally change, or not, as they play their characters and it is up to me as the DM to keep track of their misdeeds. But this has now backed me into a situation where I don't know where the line is for labeling them as evil, whether it be LE, NE, or CE. And the only reason I've found myself in this situation is because I'm writing a side adventure for the campaign that involves Soul Coins. Any advice from any other DM's out there? (I know this was a long post but I felt like I needed to set up some background info for y'all)

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