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How to Dominate an Army with Excessive Force.

Content of the article: "How to Dominate an Army with Excessive Force."

Our mission, disrupt an invading army and buy time for our nation's military to intercept them… We… went overboard in our disruption.

The Party:

Me, a human fumigant (alchemist archetype.), a kitsune rogue, an elf wizard, an elf magus (arcane archer), and an android dread.

The Dread, Rogue and I infiltrated the camp, with me sneaking around planting delayed toxin bombs (-con poison gas bombs.), Rogue, under a disguise infiltrated the camp's armory to do "Maintenance," stole some important looking weapons and planted a scrying orb in the general's tent. Dread… gathered intel on the general and had the rogue steal his comb (with a bit of hair on it).

From this we learned about the general's mistress (The cook) and that she was secretly flirting with/seeing the lieutenant. So we began spreading some rumors about it, trying to create a bit of tension between the general's and lieutenant's men, and implying that the mistress was plotting something. Rogue also slipped off to plant some bombs of his own (Delayed incendiary…).

So… What were our wizards doing, delayed spellcasting, fireballs, some illusions, even contingency plan of the magus firing off delayed irradiate. Once they finished up, we rejoined them and slipped off for the big finale of our plan. Once at camp the wizard used a mirror for scrying and we saw the general's room along with a few good angles on the camp. When the general goes to bed our Dread does his job, A maximize empowered induce Nightmare is cast on the general.

Now for those who don't know psionics, or this particular mess you up power in particular, this is the most devious, EVIL, psionic attack in the game, it disturbs your sleep leaving you fatigued and unable to regain spells for 24 hours, it also does 1d10 damage… and can do 1d10 more per 2 extra power points, so dumping say… close to 100 power points… minus the 9 to cast + 4 to empower and +2 to maximize… yeah ~84/2 = 42 *10*1.5 = 630+15 = 645 damage, HE DEAD, he's more than dead, he toast. So yeah also the hair and intel we gathered made it near impossible to resist, you see a passing Will save would negate induce nightmare, but… if you're familiar with the target, they get a -5 to will save, lock of hair… -10 to the will save. He failed to save against it and died in bed to a 645 damage attack.

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His mistress was out seeing the lieutenant at the time, but a tactician went to check on the general who had been drinking with his men only to find he died in bed, so he searched the room to find a dagger hidden under a pillow, one belonging to the mistress, with a bit of blood on it. I could almost kiss our rogue for that beautiful ploy. Of course this starts up the battle we were hoping for, an all out civil war between forces.

Then come the delayed bombs… the rogue's go off first setting the armory on fire, then the kitchen. To the enemy this seemed to be just a part of their internal conflict, well… my bombs set a different tone. Poisonous gasses filled the entire camp, slowly draining their con with every breath they took. Shortly after my warcrime the delayed magic begins; while soldiers are dropping like flies due to the poisoned air, delayed magic fireballs begin to be lobbed from both the nearby forest and cliff. Closely following this is the delayed illusions, making it seem like they're surrounded.

The fireballs were more effective than we could ever imagine, cutting off escape routes and killing a good chunk that remained, then came irradiate, a maximize empowered widened irradiate just took out a good chunk of the camp, closely followed by the regular delayed irradiates. with low con from my poison gas to begin with, the radiation just finished the job, those caught in the severe zone of the max empowered one died instantly of 36 con damage. Needless to say, there were no survivors.

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Fastforward to our military arriving at that camp 3 days later to find everyone dead, wondering who or what just massacred this army, only to be horrified to realize that we, a lowly scouting party, did this. The moral of the story… Con damage is crazy and when life gives you too many enemies, poisonous gas bombs + radiation make for the best warcrime countermeasure.

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