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How to end a campaign when you are burnt out

Content of the article: "How to end a campaign when you are burnt out"

Looking for some advice on how to end a campaign when I am super burnt out and barely able to keep up with prep for the next session.

TL;DR – I was supposed to be DM for like 3-4 months and have been for a year now. I am out of planned content and no one else wants to DM. How do I end the campaign without it feeling shitty for both me and the players?

Some background, this group (started with 6 players, down to 5 now) has been playing 5E for a little over 2 years weekly and started out as a round robin DM group where everyone who wanted to would take a turn being the DM, so everyone got a chance to play or try their hand at being the DM. We didn't have an idea of an overarching story before starting and just cobbled it all together, with the first two DMs doing prebuilt adventures that could be tied together and the next two did custom adventures, with each section being somewhere between 2-4 months long.

I started being the DM around a year ago and had planned on only being the DM for around 4 months, with some smaller mini adventures rather than one big one that all tied into the main story. Then the lockdowns happened, and we started using Roll20 for D&D. Before we moved to Roll20, it had already been decided who was going to be DM next and when I messaged them about it, they said they weren't interested in being DM virtually so I agreed to go for a bit longer and we would see what happened with lockdowns.

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I have had to stretch out what was supposed to be smaller mini adventures into longer sections and have been out of pre-planned content for over a month now. I can barely keep up with prep for the next session, much less get stuff planned out for future sessions. The characters are at level 13, which is adding issues in as well because I've never dealt with this high of levels as a DM before. I have brought up several times if anyone else wants to DM or just do a short one or two sessions thing and it is usually crickets or them saying they would want to move a paid platform, which gets pushback.

I am trying to find a way to wrap up a lot of story threads that the last DM left open and changed last second (whole other story there) and also wrap up some of the main story that we have had going but I just can't, I am exhausted from it.

Do I just say fuck it and half-ass ending the story and leaving a lot of character stuff open? TPK in a glorious last fight? Something else? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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