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How to help a 10-yr-old DM his homebrew campaign? Help, please!

Content of the article: "How to help a 10-yr-old DM his homebrew campaign? Help, please!"

TL;DR: 10yo doesn't understand how to build a coherent campaign, or that D&D involves more than a bunch of monster battles; what are age-appropriate ways of helping him learn some of that stuff?

I'm playing online with family, and we decided early on to give everyone the chance to DM. So far, so good, but now the 10-yr-old is DMing, and that'd be ok except he's decided to make up his own campaign instead of using an existing one. He hasn't been playing D&D for very long, so I don't think he has a firm grasp on the fact that D&D actually isn't just one monster encounter after another with increasingly more difficult monsters, but is also rather crucially about storytelling and creativity.

Having just played a few sessions of his game, I fear that we're in for a bunch of disjointed monster-of-the-hour sessions with very little glue holding the whole thing together, which isn't fun for anyone except him. There is supposedly an overarching quest, but we have yet to make even minor headway on it, and I'm skeptical that he has done more than just come up with a BBEG with some great stats. (Partly I say this because when we try to do something like explore an area or talk to an NPC – you know, what you might do to move a quest forward – he seems surprised, and it usually goes awry.) Obviously, we're all prepared to cut him a lot of slack because he's 10, but I don't think I can last through too many more sessions like this.

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Now if this were an adult I'd probably already have addressed the problem. But he's 10, and I don't have a lot of kid experience. I want to make sure that what I'm doing is encouraging him (I love his enthusiasm for the game and I definitely don't want to crush him with criticism!) and is also age-appropriate. He's read a lot of the manuals and has a ton of monsters and rules memorized, but that's a very different thing from actually understanding how to get players interested and invested in your campaign. And no one's expecting professional levels of plot here, but there ought to be something.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to address this with him, as well as any resources that are aimed at his age group or a little older. Someone else in the family has already had a more general, less pointed convo with him about some of this stuff, and that didn't seem to have any impact, so I think we need to specifically talk about this and I definitely don't think me winging it is the way to go!

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