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How to help characters get along?

Content of the article: "How to help characters get along?"

I’d like to start this by stating that my three players are great friends and we all get along swimmingly; the thing is, they are incredible roleplayers and have each constructed beautifully flawed characters, is all.

We’re early in what I expect will be a fairly long campaign and as we’re all working out the bumps we’ve hit a nasty snag. My party took up an opportunity to kill a bridge troll in exchange for its treasures and whatever the local peasants could scrounge up. They messed up the first time, retreated, caused a revenge attack on a nearby village, and with the help of a nearby druid returned to slay the thing.

However, our cleric, who is by design young, naive, and idealistic, tried to communicate with the monster for the first time and was very moved by his story. After monster hunters killed his mate he tried to get along better with human society, so he maintains the bridge and exacts a toll so he can live without murdering and looting. However the last attack was the final straw; the beast is now geared for war.

The cleric decided the monster should live, and tried to stop the party from killing him. But the trap was sprung, the other two PCs and their druid friend begin their battle, and our cleric obstructs their way. She does a good enough job that she frees him from our artificer’s snare and almost gets the druid NPC killed.

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I run really hard encounters and don’t pull punches. My other two players know this, and as their characters value their own survival more than honor, they shoot and incapacitate the cleric, proceeding to kill the troll by the skin of their teeth.

So where do we go from here?

The roads in my setting are too dangerous to navigate alone, and they’re close to their shared destination. I have plot hooks and incentives to stick together in the nearby city, but I need them to make it there together.

Everyone at my table is happy with how the encounter went; the cleric’s player knew the consequences of her actions; the other two won’t metagame a friendship into existence, and she agrees that shouldn’t happen.

What are some encounters, scenarios, or points I should hit on the way to Dengeirr that can help ease the tension between my party members?

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