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How to help my players get in character

Content of the article: "How to help my players get in character"

I'm running a 6 player Curse of Strahd campaign and it's going very well so far, except for 2 players that tell me they don't really feel like they are their characters right now. Both are relatively new DnD players.

One of the players almost always plays a rogue/thief archetype in games. He decided to branch out this campaign and play a monk. At lvl 3 I let him go way of mercy because the party was lacking any heals. He says if he was a rogue he'd know what his character should be doing, but as a monk he's a bit clueless. He's having trouble figuring out what a wise monk should be like.

The other player is brand new to DnD and is playing a druid. he's a circle of the moon and has been front and center in almost every encounter as a bear or spider. To me it seems like he should feel like he's been a boss, but he seems to want more. For example as a spider he was on a wall with a readied attack after turning the corner from a monster that was chasing him. He was VERY disappointed that I didn't give him advantage for this attack, even though I didn't feel it was deserved (didn't have time to hide, was literally a giant spider standing right next to the entrance to the room). So even though his character is doing work, i think he feels like he should be stronger?

Both of these guys worked on a background together where they're from the same elf village and their sacred tree was burned down under nefarious circumstances, but each of them kept going back to change details and now it got so bloated and confusing they both kind of abandoned it. During a random encounter they found a grave of someone from their village who's bones were charred. I was trying to tie their background in, but honestly I don't fully understand it so it's been a bit underwhelming.

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All this to say, I want my players to feel special and be able to comfortably get in character. How can I go about doing this?

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