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How to leave clues for a mystery?

So in the upcoming session with my players, I have a sort of necromancy type mystery going on. Here’s the quick rundown: There was recently a plague in the city that left people with weird rashes and stuff, and most people think the gods sent it to punish the city. Well, I made this wizard NPC who’s going to be a well respected teacher at a magic academy that thinks there’s actually something special about them, and he is trying to discover it after death, by raising the dead of people with the plague marks and kind of doing experiments on them. He is like well respected in the community and whatnot, he is just trying to do some science to see if he can learn some more magic from it. Here’s where it gets weird. The police would obviously be able to catch this guy robbing graves right? Well, I want to make it so he tunneled underneath the graveyard so nobody would see him obviously doing this stuff and took the bodies out from underneath so he can keep his status.The second problem is, the players don’t really know this guy exists because they just got in this city, so they don’t exactly know who the powerful wizards are, and they haven’t asked about it. I plan to have it so he used an Animate Dead type spell, and when they were under his control he was able to raise them from the ground from underneath. The guard master will say a woman saw a few of the ghouls raise from the ground with nobody nearby. I assume they will talk to her and learn that nobody was in the immediate area to cast the spell. The problem is, I don’t think I have enough clues to lead them to where I want them to go. What would make them think that it would ever be underground? They won’t have many places to go besides investigating the body of the ghoul that rose in front of the woman and was later slain by a guard, and inspecting the gravesite itself. I first though this was a super cool quest idea and a neat mystery, but when I actually thought about it, I ran into the clue problem I explained above in that I don’t think they’ll be able to get anywhere. I kind of want to preserve the original idea of the wizard testing plagued corpses though because I still think it’s cool, but if you guys can’t help me I may have to do something completely different. All they know is they are being contracted to find a necromancer that rose the dead a few days ago so I can probably switch it up from there, but I hope I’ll find help here. Thanks!

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