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How To Live Forever (Or At Least A Very, Very Long Time)

Content of the article: "How To Live Forever (Or At Least A Very, Very Long Time)"

I really like Monks. The idea that you can pummel a demon into the ground with nothing but your fists and an attitude is really appealing. However, what if I told you that Monks, in addition to being cool as heck, can give you the longest lifespan possible in 5th Edition? You'd call me crazy, right? Well strap yourself in, buckaroo, because it's time to do a crapton of math.

We're gonna have to do a couple of assumptions, first, though. In order to get our build online, we'll have to just say that our hypothetical Monk is instantly born with 20 class levels and is instantly able to use actions, Ki, and class features. We're gonna want an elf since they have the longest lifespan that isn't just "lol they don't age" at roughly 800 years.

So what does our baby Monk prodigy do? Punch themselves in the face, obviously. Because they need to do this in order to use the weirdest monk UA to date: The Way of Mercy, which allows you to put a creature into suspended animation for x days, where x is your monk level, for 4 ki. You can't take damage or age during this, which is the key to this build.

So our Monk is gonna sleep for 20 days straight. And guess what they'll do after that? Better get your Arin Hanson memes, cuz they're gonna do it again. We can rinse and repeat until, after 100 days, our Monk has run out of Ki. Time for a long rest!

And because our Monk doesn't age while in suspended animation, they're only one hour old. That's right; 100 days for the rest of us is one measly hour to our Monk. You can probably see where I'm going here.

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If we can figure out how many hours are in a year (it's 8,760 btw) then we can multiply our result by 100 to see how many days our Monk is asleep for to age a year; 2,400 years. Three times the lifespan of your average elf.

But, of course, we're not done. because those 2,400 years were only one single year of the Monk's lifespan. So we need to multiply these 2,400 years by 800 to see how many years our Monk will live in total.

And the total iiiisssss…

One milllion, nine hundred and twenty thousand years.

That's insane.

Here's a comparison just in case you don't know how long this period is; just over halfway through this Monk's lifespan, one million years, is how long it would take for the Pyramid of Giza to erode into nothingness. That's a really long time.

Who knows, maybe Rangers will be a viable class by the time the Monk wakes up.

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