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How to play a Chronurgist Wizard

Content of the article: "How to play a Chronurgist Wizard"

I've played a Chronurgist Wizard to level 9 in an online campaign. Seeing as how the campaign is ending soon, I want to share what I've found and maybe help others who are considering this. This does not go over the wizard class specifically, but the Chronurgist spells and abilities.

Race: Gnome: Rock, Any Gnome can become a great wizard. I chose rock due to their constitution increase, they have advantage on saving throws against magic for Int, Wis, and Cha, and their tinkerer has great flavor.

Background: Scholar, not as important, but this background gives good skills and was perfect for playing a tinkerer and historian. I would recommend for any Indiana Jones-style character.

Feats: Warcaster

Subclass Features:

  1. Chronal Shift: This is very similar to the Diviner's Portent. I'd say it's a little weaker due to not knowing the roll in advance, but it is still very strong. I learned that best use of the ability is defensively. I once saved a paladin who failed a save against petrification for a minute. If you are sure that you are defended, it can be used against enemies to make them fail their saving throw against devastating spells. Due to how it's worded, Chronal Shift can be activated after legendary resistances, potentially forcing a failure.
  2. Temporal Awareness: Very simple and effective. You add your intelligence modifier roll to your imitative. Pair this with Gift of Alacrity to ensure your imitative is completive. I would also recommend an item that gives advantage to imitative, like a weapon of warning. I possessed one and very rarely did not go first in imitative.
  3. Momentary Stasis: I am shamed to say this, but I never used this. You target a large or smaller creature and force it to make a constitution save or it's incapacitated till your next turn or it takes damage. Constitution saves tend to be high and I always felt there was a better spell or magic item to use for my turn.
  4. Arcane Abeyance Oh lordy this is strong. As I am not level 10 yet I haven't had any time to use it, but I have several plans. You can get a fighter to cast Sickening Radiance and then I follow up with a Wall of Force. Or give a paladin Haste that they can cast on themselves. I'd like to use this with summoning spells in case of emergency like Summon Elemental Not to mention truly cheesy uses like having a one-action cast of Magic Circle. (I would not recommend as your DM will be very upset.)
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There are other features of the Chronurgist, but I help this gave a good point of view of how it plays up to 9th level.

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