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How to select spells for your (divine soul) sorcerer

I have been trying to write a guide for one of the most underestimated classes in the game, the sorcerer. Sorcerers in my opinion are one of the strongest classes if not the strongest, way more powerful than wizards if optimised OPTIMALLY. Wizards are versatile and sorcerers are the opposite of that, due to their limited spell selection. So choosing the right spells for your game is your top priority if you want to succeed on your role as a teamate.

My guide is nowhere near finished, especially with Tasha's out. What I can do, in this particular post, is to talk about the divine soul sorcerer specifically because it has access to the widest variety of spells possible, making it the hardest spell list to optimise. However, everything here also applies for the other subclasses of sorcerer who actually have fewer spells to choose from, thus making it easier to optimise their spell list.

I like to center everything around my metamagic since cleric spells weren't really balanced for metamagic. You will have a very limited selection of spells so make sure you have no duplicates. These are in order of importance.

  • One attack roll cantrip and one save vs cantrip. Metamagic makes you the master of cantrips so make sure you choose the right ones for you and then select matamagics and spells to support THOSE. You will be casting cantrips a lot more often than actual spells so make them count. Twining a cantrip costs only one sorcerery point and will do real damage at level 5, nearly double that of a 1st level spell. Firebolt and mind sliver are great options but so are shocking grasp and toll the dead or sacred flame and word of radiance. Word of radiance especially with distant is great if you can get 3+ enemies in the area of effect while avoiding your teamates. No matter which are your prefered cantrips, those should show you the path to follow (also take guidance, it's the best cantrip in the game).
  • If you are not wearing armor, take mage armor. Twin it on another character not wearing good enough armor until you get something resembling armor and only then switch it out. Using githyanki or mountain dwarf or tortle as a race deals with this in a more permanent fashion.
  • At level 5 take counterspell. It's the best spell in the game because it stops other casters. Especially good with subtle spell. This can make or break encounters.
  • At level 7 take polymorph. Don't ask why, just take it. It's the best 'extra' spell to have. It's an amazing exploration, buff, damage, defense spell. You haven't lived until you cast twin polymorph to save two near unconcious party members or quicken on yourself and then move into combat and attack the same round as a t-rex or throw a giant boulder as a giant ape. It lasts a freaking hour!
  • One concentration buff spell. Start with shield of faith which you can twin as a bonus action on your melee/in danger allies. You could instead take protection from good and evil: it's a bit more situational but also a lot more powerful in the right situations. Both last ten minutes! Eventually I would switch this to haste. Honourable mention to greater invisibility.
  • One big bad aoe damage spell. There will be situations where you face numerous weak enemies and one good spell will save your group time and resources. Early on sleep or thunderwave, shatter, later on fireball is a good option, spirit guardians is another (distant spirit guardians is ftw).
  • One reaction spell. I would prefer shield here, adding counterspell or absorb elements later on. Reactions are a thing you can do and you should do the most to take advantage of using them.
  • One attack spell. You could start with guiding bolt which is amazing to twin, switch at level 5 to spiritual weapon most likely to optimise your bonus action, especially if you didn't take quicken or to save on sorcery points.
  • One healing spell. Healing word will be your go to, perfect with twin spell. With the new Tasha's rules you can take aura of vitality at level 5. 20d6 of healing over a minute is rather good, which you can actually use extend metamagic on. I am not advocating for extend metamagic but I'm just sayin, 40d6 off combat healing with a sorcery point and a third level spellslot.
  • One manueverability spell. Misty step is amazing, thunderstep is awesome and can fill in three roles teleport/save your companion/aoe. Blink is one of the best defensive manueverability options out there.
  • One control spell or one debuff spell. It can be hard to know when to buff, when to control and when to debuff but the more you play the more you'll get to terms with your group's capabilities and preferences. This can be anything from a maximilian's earthen grasp to a web to a hypnotic pattern. In the early levels it's really hard to land these but it gets better later on and if you took mindsliver can work wonderful combos with twin mind sliver followed by example a bane or quickened upcast blindness (not concentration!). At later levels, enemies have a lot of hit points so a single aoe spell won't take enough of them out to make it worth it. Example: a squad of hill giants is prime target for a confusion when a squad of orcs is a fireball waiting to happen.

Once you get to something like level 8, everything really changes depending on what magic items you have. Do you have a wand of entangle or a staff of healing for example?

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