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How to tell my dm that he needs a break?

Content of the article: "How to tell my dm that he needs a break?"

Alright, so a bit of background is needed here. My dm runs dungeon of the mad mage professionally. He does it 5-6 time a week plus he has his own games that he’s a player in. The DotMM stuff is a paid session; the price of which he recently doubled, citing COVID as the reason he needed to increase prices.

Around the same time though, I started to notice a huge difference in his game. He’s hardly roleplaying his npcs, we rarely get voices, the backstory is lacking, and he also tries to railroad us into going into deeper parts of the dungeon to relieve his own boredom. I get that he wants to keep it fresh for himself; but I think that when you do this professionally, the players should come first.

We pretty much all want to explore the upper floors and he’s pretty discouraging about his want to do so. It makes me feel like that if we do go to the upper floors; he’s either going to half ass it or try to force us down via something he’s cooked up for that purpose. I don’t think he’s being a dick on purpose, I think he’s trying to keep it fun for himself but he doesn’t realize it’s at our expense. Yeah we get to further explore the dungeon, but I’d like a bit of plot and continuity in there. So far, we’ve just been going to random floors, getting into relatively random and minor combats, and running back up.

I think he would benefit from taking a week off to recharge his batteries. How do I say this to him without telling him that his game is becoming bad? He’s pretty sensitive about his games so I don’t want to hurt his feelings or piss him off. He likes for his sessions to be perfect and anything else will put him in a funk. I want to avoid that; hence the burner.

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UPDATE: I went with one of the earlier suggestions and he just cancelled today’s game. I think he’s going to take the hint and that makes me happy. I probably should’ve let you guys know. Thanks for coming together and helping me out. My goal here was to get him to take a break without hurting his feelings. The more compassionate members of this thread were a HUGE help and if I had gold to give, you’d get it.

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