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How To Use “Terrible” Character Ideas?

Content of the article: "How To Use “Terrible” Character Ideas?"

My DM and I were fooling around and decided to come up with the "worst" character ideas possible (characters who think they're other classes, being a class for the wrong reasons, etc.). So far, our list is:

  • A sorcerer who thinks he's a vampire and that his powers come from drinking blood
  • A druid who only shifts into a wolf or dire wolf on the full moon because he thinks he's a werewolf
  • A sorcerer from a prestigious wizard family who got the Elsa/Vanya treatment because his parents scared that he'd ruin their reputation with non-wizard magic
  • A fighter who thinks he's a monk because he's an Eat, Pray, Love "Buddhist"
  • A skeptical but spiritual monk who thinks he's a cleric; he prays to the idea of "god" and thinks his barehand fighting is a divine gift
  • A crunchy vegan rogue who thinks he's a ranger because he rescued animals while breaking into a pet shop and talks to them (even though they don't understand)
  • A bard who always wanted to be a famous musician but he sucks at it so he uses bard diplomacy skills to convince people they like it
  • A paladin who thinks he's a rogue because he was expelled from his paladin society for not being perfectly lawful good
  • A studious warlock who thinks he's a wizard because his patron is a sentient family heirloom grimoire
  • A lazy ranger who made bonds with animals so they could control his entire life like Linguine from Ratatouille
  • A 12-year old barbarian from a nice middle class family who tries to be a good kid but gets REALLY angry when people beat him in Fortnite or when he gets grounded
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We eventually want to run a one-shot or short (3-5 session) campaign with some of these characters because, frankly, we think they'd be really fun to play and/or interact with. Has anyone ever played characters like this before or do you have any ideas for additional "terrible" characters?

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