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How would the mechanics work for a blind monk PC?

Content of the article: "How would the mechanics work for a blind monk PC?"

So I have a PC that wants to play a blind monk and I'm kind of unsure how I should handle it, i.e. should I just reskin normal vision or shpuld I actually create/adapt mechanics for the PC.

I've already been brainstorming some mechanics using some other threads I found, but I'm a bit afraid it might be a bit over-/underpowered. So far I have:

What I've been thinking of so far…


  • PC has blindsight within 5ft (you are aware of the area around you only for combat – does not help in social or exploration situations that rely on sight)

  • Some sort of advantage/modifier will be given to the PC for passive perception or normal perception checks relying on audio/smell.

  • PC automatically fails any perception checks relying on sight

Combat: Good combat relies heavily on not metagaming

  • Enemies using ranged attacks have advantage (if they are far enough away you can't see them aim at you) But if they hit you, you know where they are. If they still miss ypu don't know where it came from (until later levels)

  • PC has disadvantage for any ranged attack if they don't know exactly where the enemy is (e.g. they make a very loud sound)

  • you can't take the dash action (at early levels) because you are not yet in tune with your disability

  • DM makes stealth checks for every enemy during combat. If their stealth is higher than the PC's passive perception, the PC doesn't know where they are. If the stealth is below your passive perception, you see them until they try to hide. The DM will then role for stealth again

  • If enemy is in stealth but somehow does something that makes noise (e.g. runs through water) the DM will reroll the enemy's stealth.

  • Loud noises have a chance to disorientate the PC for a round. Basically depending on how loud the noise is (from a roar to a massive explosion) you might just have half the movement range or have the "stunned" condition

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What do you think?

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