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How would you have handled this situation?

Content of the article: "How would you have handled this situation?"

If this belongs in the problem player mega thread, I will repost there instead (apologies if it is in the wrong place). I just want some insight on handling disagreements between player/player characters.

So I have a party of 5 PCs that were tasked by an important guild master with retrieving a wagon full of crates with the stipulation they do not open the crates (crates contained military weapons and magic components that were of very high value and potentially vital to the war effort). They were to deliver the crates to the city's elven military with the guild master alluding this was important for the war effort (I have been dropping hints as well in regards to a growing war between a nearby hobgoblin nation and the elven nation the PCs are currently in). The PCs picked up the wagon of crates at an outpost via their airship and were attacked by hobgoblins on the way back to the elven city. Once back in the city as the group is removing the wagon full of crates from their airship, the fey-touched rogue (I will refer to as "R"), decides they want to open the crates (R could have done this during the night when everyone was asleep, but chose not to). The rest of the party is against this as they agreed to not open the crates with the guild master. R argues that he never agreed to this and he doesn't want to "be a Nazi that didn't question Hitler and just went along with it" (his character said this exactly in RP) and wants to know what is in the crates. The party RPs back and forth about if they should open the crates, but the majority (everyone but R) wants to not open the crates. R demands to roll persuasion to convince everyone to open the crates. I tell him no, because persuasion is used against NPCs and not PCs (that is what RP is for and if I open that can of worms he'll railroad the other players by demanding he get to roll to persuade them all the time to do what he wants). R tries to open the crates anyway and the party is trying to pull him off the wagon, with R climbing back on every time they pull him off. This is slowly escalating with R chasing the wagon as it's being driven away and the wizard casting blindness on R. R is refusing to back down and I can see this is quickly escalating to violent PvP, which I refuse to let the PCs do. I put my foot down and state that in a situation like this, they would need to act on a majority rules as I refuse to allow violent PvP and that R had a chance to open the crates prior and never did. R argues that he didn't know about the crates (part way through the previous session when they were getting the crates R declared he was tired and bored because he just got out of the hospital recently and didn't want to play the rest of the session and left the discord call). I stated I recap the previous session at the beginning of the next session (which I had done not an hour earlier) and he still didn't act on it. He gets mad, states his character will be on the airship and mutes himself. The party delivers the crates and finds out they are military weapons and magical components. I try to get R back into the game, but they remain muted the entire time and then leave because "they need to go to sleep because they'll be in the hospital again the next day".

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I realize this player is a bit of a problem and I will be speaking with them in regards to them remaining in the campaign (partly because of ongoing medical issues and also because I don't have time to babysit players that get pissy when they don't get what they want). My main question is, how would you have handled the disagreement in regards to opening the crates and how do you handle your PCs disagreeing on how to act when it involves the entire party?

TLDR: Party disagrees on opening crates, one player disagrees and gets mad. How would you handle this?

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