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How would you improve this rogue?

Content of the article: "How would you improve this rogue?"

I've only played the character from 1 to 5 so far but I wanted to see what you guys could improve (edit: without ditching the whip) before I reroll him at some point down the line.

The basic concept is to use Spell Sniper with Booming Blade & a whip. Slash an unengaged target from 10' away, cunning action to dash away, let the target decide if they wanted to stand still or take extra damage from moving. Rogues seemed like the obvious class choice because of their ability to dash or disengage every turn while still dealing damage, plus their single attack per round generally hits harder than any other single attack.

  • War cleric gave him spell casting at level 1 to meet the Spell Sniper requirement, plus martial weapon & shield proficiency. Shields were just a bonus but they really saved his hide on multiple occasions, especially when stacked with Shield of Faith.
  • Inquisitive rogue allowed him to sneak attack isolated targets, though it did mean he couldn't use cunning action on the same turn he marked someone for SA. That meant it was usually better to go after targets with high HP so he didn't have to waste as many bonus actions.
  • The Mobile feat not only turned his usual 60' of movement (normal move + CA dash) into 80' but paired amazingly well with War Priest's extra attack if he wound up in melee range with 2 enemies. Active WP and regardless of whether he hit or missed he could then run away without taking attacks of opportunity and he'd still deal damage in the process.
  • Inquisitive rogue actually turned out to be incredibly useful. Expertise in Insight plus treating any roll of 7 or lower as an 8 meant the character was useful in RP as well as combat.
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The major flaw I ran into is what I've touched on earlier; it basically just takes a lot of setup. It takes martial weapon proficiency which rogues don't get, the ability to cast one or more spells in general at level 1 plus a specific cantrip from the sorc/lock/wizard list, the Spell Sniper feat (and preferably but not necessarily Mobile so you're probably stuck with variant human plus you're likely delaying +Dex ASIs), was less useful on targets that were already within melee of an ally because they weren't likely to move (though that was mitigated by more sneak attack dice plus BB eventually dealing damage on hit as well as on movement as he leveled up), and required a bonus action to set up the ability to SA something that didn't already have a nearby ally.

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