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I am a new studying DM and need advice for DM’ing for players that are also new like me

A month ago I got my first shot at DnD with a fairly simple One-shot session 0 as a player

The DM however got busy with exams and we haven’t gotten to start a campaign since.

For so long I have been wanting to play DnD for years, watching videos of it, and hearing stories on reddit about the crazy and cool things players do.

I decide to take matters into my own hands, as I am the one with the most free time, and also the most interested and excited for DnD by studying to become the DM, since a week ago, I have been reading the PHB, writing so many things down from the rules, things such as Advantages and Disadvantages, Appendix A, watching Videos on Tips for DM’ing, watching Critical Role, Matt Mercer videos, practicing my speaking, practicing voice acting.

With me having heard so many DnD stories I am extremely excited and motivated to do this much. And through my excitement and enjoyment for writing things, I already have quite a bit of characters that I could make them NPCs, I’ve even started making concept art of them.

One thing I didn’t like from the Session 0 that my DM made was the lack of introduction of rules and my DM seems to be the very Homebrewy-type and doesn’t care much about players roleplaying, now I’m no rules lawyer myself, but I don’t really like things this way, not that I am saying that games should be 100% rule based, I understand that the rule of cool exists.

But that I would like to use rules because they’re there for a reason, to balance and make a game functional, and being too homebrewy doesn’t feel like making achievements real to me.

Now I understand not everyone has the time like me, to learn the ins and outs of DnD, so I would like to introduce the rules for my sessions as we go.

So one of my questions is, how do I make learning the rules enjoyable?

How do I run a session well? What are the things I should think of? Combat encounters? Do I tell them the stats of enemies at the start of the battle? I’ll be starting a Session 0 soon myself, perhaps next week’s Saturday, as I already got a good time zone when we could play.

How do I run an online session? We all use discord

How can I inspire the players to roleplay?

And the last question I’d like to ask the most, How do I inspire the players to get more interested and invested in the game? At the moment they don’t seem as invested as me to the idea of playing DnD, one of the reasons is of course time, as I am homeschooled I have more time than the people in my group, and also them not knowing too much about the game or just not motivated yet to know more, how do I inspire my players? To get them invested in this? I want to get them to be DnD lovers like I am

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