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I am going to run a one-shot which will contain a hombrewed Tarrasque. It is supposed to be a simple and powerful, but not ridiculously overpowered creature. I would like some feedback.

So, we all know about the Tarrasque of 5e and how it is underwhelming and can be too easily cheesed. I have seen many homebrew versions that effectively make it a CR 60 creature that kills everything within 1 turn and is basically unusable if you actually want your players to fight it and have an ever so slim chance at victory. Because of this I made my own homebrew version that makes a couple of simple changes with the intent of preventing cheese tactics, but still leaving at least the possibility that a clever high level party could actually take it down. I would like to know if anyone here has any feedback and ideas concerning boring cheese tactics that I missed or if my changes make it actually too powerful and frustrating to fight.

Here you can find the stat block: https://preview.redd.it/sflwg24t3ak61.png?width=800&format=png&auto=webp&s=2024cb9237584ecbad4a07dd40cfd05f34078810

Quick overview of the changes I made.

I increased its AC by 1.

I increased its hit die to 40.

I gave it proficiency in Strength saving throws.

I gave it Immutable Form to avoid polymorph.

I gave it Undeniable Strength so it can overcome immunity but not resistance, I do not want the barbarians resistance to become useless. I also want player to be able to benefit from resistance to non-magical attacks.

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I gave it Regeneration that ends when it reaches 0 hit points. That way it is nearly impossible to whittle it down with many low damage attacks. You have to go big or go home.

I gave it the ability "Crush the Small" ability and a stomp attack, which is similar to the Trampling Charge ability of the Mammoth, but so much more deadly. The Tarrasque is now the only creature in the game that, as far as I know, uses a d20 for damage, which I think befits its legendary status.

I gave it a long range attack that is not meant to kill but knock enemies to the ground and slow them down so that the Tarrasque can catch pesky flyers or chase down fleeing enemies more easily that have managed to enrage it. I made it intentionally weaker than its melee options, since I envision the Tarrasque as a close combat monster and not a long range threat. I also like the idea that this legendary monster uses every dice in the game. It can also use this attack as a legendary action.

I gave it Thundering Roar as an Area of Effect attack that can deafen and stun. This is meant as a way for the Tarrasque to deal with very large groups of enemies. If there are 3 or more strong creatures that have engaged the Tarrasque in melee, it would probably use this ability as well.

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Edit: The stun from Thundering Roar should have a maximum duration of 1 minute. Thank you Keon_Kamori for pointing that out.

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