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I Am Your Father!

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This was from a game of Tendencies, a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure type game.

We had gotten to a dilapidated factory that a Stand User was controlling, and apparently hired to make something there by the BBEG. We got to the door, and one of us decided to knock. Speakers came out from above the door, and this voice that was very obviously high as a kite said "You guys shouldn't be here, dudes. You should go, man…"

Then, another player, out of nowhere, said "Son?"
The voice responded "Dad? Is that you? You've been gone for 20 years, I've always wanted to meet you. Where were you?" Player: "Getting milk…. on the other side of the country." Voice: "Did it go bad?" Player: "Yeah." Voice: "Well, I kinda got a job to do here, dad. It'll be a few weeks til I'm done, but after that, let's go play catch with a baseball. I've always wanted to do that." Player: "Sure, son."

Then the speaker went away, and instead of leaving, we used a skeleton key that one of the other players had made to get inside. We saw 2 paths, an upstairs, and the factory area. We went into the factory area first, which started in a big room that led into a long hallway with some pillars.

Going forward, we found a corpse behind a pillar, at which point, the speaker came back out and said "Aw man, I forgot to get rid of that… I really wish you hadn't come in here, dad. Now I gotta do my job."

And at that, the rows and columns of the room/corridor started shifting like we were inside of a rubik's cube. We kept getting swung up to the walls or ceiling and dropped onto the ground. One of the players, a talking cat named Tigger, tried to run for the door we came in from.

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Voice: "I can't let you do that, man."

And the floor rotated so that Tigger was on the opposite side of the room. The player who said he was the guy's dad said "Son, I'm your dad! Can you please let me out of here?"

The DM had him roll a convince check, which is 2d6+glamour, and succeeds on a 10+. The player rolled, and with his +2 glamour stat, he got a 10 (5 and 3 on the dice, +2).

Voice: "Well…. alright. But please don't tell anyone." Player: "Son, can you please let my friends out, too? I promise I'll play ball with you as much as you want."

Roll convince again, but this time, since it's 2 times in a row on the same guy, he has to take a -1 to the roll, making the glamour modifier shift down to only +1. He rolled another 10 (5 and 4 on the dice, +1).

Voice: "Alright, but my boss said I can't let anyone leave the building, so I can only let you all leave the factory room."

So everyone was sent to the door to the factory room that we came in from, and then the door to outside was shifted up to the ceiling. We had no choice but to go up the stairs.

Upstairs, we had 2 small rooms to go in. 4 of us went in one, and the other 2 went in the other. The dad player was in the group of 2. The voice came out and said "Well, my boss said I can't leave you guys alone, so I'll go after…. you."

And then the room my group of 4 was in started shifting, similare to the rubik's cube movements from before, but this time like a speed solver. It took a lot of our hp.

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Both groups met up in the hall on the other side of the rooms, and there were another set of 2 rooms. I split from the group of 4 to go with the group of 2, to make both teams an even 3.

When we got in our room, the voice came back.

Voice: "Sorry, dad. Looks like I won't be able to play ball with you after all." Player: "Son, no! Please, just let me meet with you. I promise, we can work this out. We can all make it through this. Please!"

Roll convince again, this time with -2, so glamour modifier cancels out. He rolled a 5 and a 6, so 11. DM was pissed, and started posting gifs in the discord of guys throwing files and papers everywhere and saying "Fuck it."

DM decided to roll something privately for what the voice guy would do. He rolled enough that the convince worked wonders.

Voice: "Alright, but only you. If anyone else moves from their spot, everyone is getting hurt."

So they meet up in the last room of the hall. Turns out the guy whose voice we heard was a 20 yr old jamaican guy.

Player: "My son…" Guy: "Wow… I always knew my dad was a 20-something white guy… I've always wanted to meet you." Player: "I know, son. But please, come with us. We can get you out of here. You don't have to go down this path." Guy: "You don't understand, dad. With these abilities, nowhere else would accept me. I had no other choice but to take this job." Player: "No, my son. You're wrong. Look."

Player then summons his stand by his side.

Player: "You're not the only one." Guy(starting to tear up): "I knew it. You really are my dad!" Player: "Yes, I am. And my friends back there also have powers like this. You can come with us, be one of us. There's a place where you can learn to better use you powers, and use them to help people instead!"

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Roll convince one last time, this time without penalties, cuz he got the guy's trust. Rolled an 11 (4 and 5 on dice, +2).

Guy: "Alright, dad. I'll come with you." Player: "Thanks, son. We're gonna play ball every day from now on."

And thats where we left the session.

Tl;dr: player manages to convince boss of the session to leave evil guy and join us by becoming his father.

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