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I annihilated the party and their dreams to introduce a BBEG

Content of the article: "I annihilated the party and their dreams to introduce a BBEG"

So i did this, and now i wonder if it was a good idea or if i did it right, it happend this way:

Star wars themed campaign (hope no one minds, it is still D&D but modified). Players are 4 rebel pilots sent to a sector that needs a lot of help, their carrier blows up they end up being the only four pilots with ships to help the rebels in the sector, so a month passes(real life) and they did a lot for the rebels and made friends with this rebel leader commander Saxon(they really liked him) but it way was too easy for them to kick the empire´s ass and i decided to introduce the real BBEG Admiral Gaunt Vermillion in a bombastic way.

The players had just finished a mission to get a frigate, that they would use as a carrier to get more Xwings to be transported from the other rebel sector and they brought it to their space station base( which was super hard to conquer), while they were there they found a probe droid and destroyed it but i made sure they knew that it had time to make a transmission to the empire, and now the genius of admiral Gaunt Vermillion starts: He makes a transmission informing the Moff that he and his rebel hunting task force were to attack the station with 2 light cruisers but he makes sure that the transmission is easy to intercept for the rebels, the Players get the transmission he sent, i have them know that it was easy to intercept it and make a joke about a drunk radio operator, they think nothing of it and decide that they will fight for their station because they think only two light cruisers will show up.

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The two light cruisers show up, hard fight but the PC´s can handle it, when in the middle of the fight when they were engaging the light cruisers i tell them "your radar screen reads: Warning 3 capital class signatures detected" thats when Admiral Gaunt jumps in his 2 stars destroyers and his 1 Interdiction cruiser *Rock music playing over radio* "I am admiral Gaunt Vermillion from the star destroyer The violator, commander of task force Repulse, and we are the imperial navy, Surrender or be crushed, If you try to escape however i would be pleased"

Impossible fight, Gaunt uses a lot of special skills i gave him such as deploying 6 tie fighter squadrons per turn instead of the normal 3 and most important he uses his star destroyers and rushes the PC´s(they had never seen the empire being agressive with their star destroyers), So they try to run, they can´t because of the interdictor cruiser, they can´t fight its impossible to win, so the star destroyers get in range and blow up the space station and Commander Saxon sacrifices himself by ramming the frigate into the interdictor allowing the PC´s to escape.

Bro the Players are destroyed, yes i did show them the power of the empire and that they are the underdogs, and now they really hate and fear the BBEG but my question is did i do this right or do i have really good players that accepted my bad call and played along? I don´t feel well by destroying them that way now that i have already done it.

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Sorry for any grammar i do not speak english as a main language.

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