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I can’t come up with a good ending

Content of the article: "I can’t come up with a good ending"

My group has taken a break from COS because one of our number has been swamped at work, so I've just been running one-shots and random activities every week in the interim. This past week, I found a one-page dungeon someone made of a floating island and I thought it looked cool so I slapped together a one-shot around it.

But rather than plop the players down on the island, I gave them a hook; they're a group of adventurers who have completed some unspecified quest and earned some local celebrity and notoriety for it. After their homecoming party, they get a message to sail to a nearby kingdom where the lord there is offering them a job. They accept it, get on the ship, and sail for the kingdom.

They wake up the next morning, the crew has vanished, the entire ship is surrounded by a thick fog, and, after some investigation, they discover that the ship is flying. The ship then crashes into a floating island and the party escapes on to the land as the ship "sinks" into the fog. They only made it about halfway through the island, encountering first a treant and then a stone golem, before we ran out of time. They then spent half an hour talking about how excited they were to get to the bottom of what's going on, where the crew went, how this lord is involved, why they're in the sky, and they got so into the world and I have…nothing.

I picked the setting because it seemed cool, and I improvised the hook because it felt spooky, but I didn't really think they would be so into it. I originally planned to handwave it away as being the work of a trickster god punishing them for how cocky they were after their adventure, but given how invested my players are, that feels like a really unsatisfying ending.

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I don't want to shortchange them and they are such a good group, but I really have no good ideas for where to go from here.

For reference, the remaining beats are an encounter with a tribe of myconids, a side quest to recover items from a quickling, a puzzle to bridge a gap, and then a naval battle in a skyship with pirates, followed by whatever ending I can conjure up. It's a party of four level 9 characters.

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