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I did a Westeros Campaign

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Gonna be a long one. If you read this all I am so sorry.

Ok so been planning this game for about six months. Whats important is I used a modified spell list for spellcasters which I will copy at the bottom when I get a chance. I used a simplified version of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar combat system for our army engagements (My notes on that are such a mess and inconsistant it really isn't worth me putting down). Also as to the history it's set roughly a hundred years after the events of the books with mostly the show's history with a few key changes (Garlan or Willas inherited Highgarden, The Lannisters aren't broke, Widow's Wail is still held by the Lannisters, The Starks take over but democracy collapses, Rickon Stark lives to have a new line of Stark children) with the only major event since then being a war between and and the Stormlands against the Reach (The War of Dust and Grass) leading to the extinction of House Tarly and the conversion of their sword Heartsbane being reforged into Sunspear (House Martell's +3 Valyrian Steel Spear) and Fury (House Baratheon's +3 Valyrian Steel Longsword)

The plot begins with Lord Petyr Arryn of Gulltown (A level 2 Bard) The Master of Ships attending a small council meeting which Doran Martell (Heir to Dorne and level 2 Ranger) is supposed to sit in on. He doesn't show so the king dispatches City Guardsman Tuvrak, Son of Turvog (Chief of the Mountain Badger Clan of the Vale and level 3 Champion Fighter) to find the Dornishman. He rolls a natural one and three weeks later stumbles into the whorehouse for a drink of water coming across Doran.

Doran is brought before the king and vomits not long before his father arrives to Kingslanding and basically disowns him. That night at a feast he plays a practical joke on his father by "pretend poisoning him" only for his father to actually die of poisoning. He is imprisoned.

Lord Petyr is visited by Ser Roland Crakehall who asks he retrieve a ship and dock it near the castle as well as advising him to get on that ship as Roland (who will join him on the ship) advises Petyr leave too as "dark days are coming"

Tuvrak recieves a mysterious sack of gold along with the instruction "free the prince"

That evening Amur Stark (Lord of Winterfell, heir to the Iron Throne, and Level 2 Rogue) is nearly poisoned but figures out dreamwine has been slipped into his evening drink. He does see a goldcloak and who looks like the Prince of Dorne being taken to a dark ship outside his window though. He follows them and enough of a ruckus is caused by their escape that they must leave before Roland can join them.

They sail to the Stormlands with minimal interference (besides a small catch with Anya Greyjoy, loyal to the king, and her men) and arrive in the Stormlands where Doran decides he will declare war against The Crown and Lord Storrin Baratheon of Storm's End declares for them (their fathers fought in that War of Dust and Grass mentioned earlier) though it will take him a while to gather his men.

The group departs to the Dornish Marches as Dorne has been blockaded by sea by Vanya Greyjoy and 5,000 men. Along the way Amur who decides this'll be a great way to get the crown and Tuvrak are captured and taken to the ruins of Summerhall. In Doran and Petyr's attempt to free them Petyr dies and Tuvrak battles the man holding the castle Ser Walder Frey of the Kingsguard, killing the man and discovering the VS axe of House Celtigar in the treasury (was taken after the House declared for Doran)

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The group makes it to Dorne where Vanya has been killed and her blockade burned by the new Lord of the Iron Islands Erik Pyke (level 3 Totem Barbarian and new character of Petyr's PC) as well as his 30,000 men and hundred ships. Doran's brother Lucio, who has seized power in Dorne, challenges him to a trial by combat which after aid from a poisoning preformed by Amur Stark Doran wins. With 20,000 men from Dorne, 30,000 men and a hundred ships from the Iron Islands, 10,000 men from House Hightower (his dead mother's family) 1,000 men from the Golden Sons, and the Stormlands pledged Doran feels pretty confident until he hears the King is amassing an army in the North with 45,000 men from the Vale, most of the houses of the North whom once he finishing convincing will give him 50,000, 45,000 from the Riverlands who he has sent half of the hold the Stormlands from sending their men, and 10,000 from the Crownlands.

Amur sends the Ironborn to take Dragonstone which they do easily, Tuvrak sails to the vale to rouse the mountain clans and climbs the Eerie taking the castle without facing the 5,000 men of the Bloodly Gate (the task made all the easier by Petyr's son Sedryk no longer sending food up the mountain to starve the Arryn's out), and The Hightowers, 10,000 Dornish Soldiers, and the Golden Sons crush a large portion of the force in the Riverlands (about 15,000 as the rest have been sent to Kingslanding)

Having won three major victories morale was running high. Using it as incentive for a marriage Amur went to wed the oldest Tyrell daughter to bring the rest of their forces to the Southern Alliance's side (he tried for Lannisters but Ser Roland Crakehall, now Lord Roland Lannister has already gotten married to the oldest daughter and sent the second oldest to marry Petyr's son.)

With food running low the Ironborn are forced to sail to Crackclaw point to raid and make their way down the coast toward Duskendale where a northern force of 5,000 men sit to guard Kingslanding from attacks from Tuvrak being relatively unprepared for Ironborn when they bare down on them and take the castle.

Meanwhile Tuvrak is named Tuvrak, Son of Turvog, First of his name, King of the Red Hands and the Black Ears, Protector of the Tent, Lord of the Eerie and Protector of the Mountain as well as establishing his house and sigil (a badger surrounded by climbing spikes) though With only fifty mountain men remaining (of 300 initially) however, the five thousand guards of the Bloody Gate retake the castle and take Turvog prisoner.

Marching with the remaining 10,000 men of the Dornish army and a new red priest friend who arrived in Dorne (Level 4 GOO Warlock who Tuvrak's player was playing) to the Stormlands to free their forces contracting the help of the Dondarrions of Blackhaven along the way (4,000 additional men). They lose horribly, retreating at the cost of all of the Dondarrion men and 1,000 dornishmen.

They rejoin the Hightowers, Golden Sons, and the rest of the Dornish soldiers as well as Amur now joined by 20,000 Tyrell, Beesbury, Fossoway, and Redwyne cavalry at Tumbleton castle while the Ironborn set sail from Rosby (after demolishing the small garrison of northmen in Duskendale) to make a pincer attack against Kingslanding (Maybe Doran's first and only halfway decent battleplan throughout this war) though by the time they are prepared the King and his 90,000 man army are only

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The Ironborn struggle in Blackwater bay, their ships heavily loaded (Due to the bay being a chokepoint) and men heavily armored (as per Ironborn tradition) and the defense having Scorpions (Ballista) only five thousand make it to shore (he only brought 20,000 as the others were waiting to possibly break a siege and though they obliterated the opposing archers and fleet without much trouble when they entered the bay. By the time they cut their way through the Blackwater Gate Garrison they had scarcely two thousand left.

Meanwhile the joint Dornish Tyrell (less the Golden Sons and Hightowers who stayed behind to break a siege if one occured once they took the city) forces storm the mud gate where the five thousand bloody gate guard (sent to help) are wiped out in the initial charge by the Tyrell cavalry (led by Amur) and though the Dornish archers (led by Doran). Eventually they break down the gate and Amur sending 10,000 of his riders to join the Dornish infantry (led by the Red Priest).

As that front group made its way through the streets of Kingslanding they rounded a corner and the retreating force rolled a shit ton of wild fire down the hill and with a bunch of failed dex saves the cavalry was consumed by flame (the Red Priest had a command ability that let him render his infantry fireproof). What cavalry survived failed their morale checks and fled as Amur was making his way up the streets toward the Red Priest's infantry and Doran not far behind.

With their final push they shattered the Red Keep's gate and slaughtered the remaining 6,000 guards and killing Ser Petrick Stokeworth of the Kingsguard via beheading. With about 16,000 men of their initial 40,000 left they prepared a defense only for them to have taken too long seizing the city and 150,000 Northern, Lannister, Arryn, and Riverlander men (Roland Lannister having taken their side just before the siege) flooding the streets and seizing Doran, Amur, and Erik (the Red Priest escapes with a glamor)

Not wanting to be a straight up kinslayer and with a little push by Arthur Arryn (Lord Paramount of the Vale) wanting an honorable bout and Roland Lannister talking to him about the reprocussions of killing the leaders of three countries he declares a trial by seven.

He calls Arthur Arryn, Roland Lannister, himself, and the four remaining Kingsguard to his side while Doran substitutes himself for his Uncle Daeron Dayne who will fight alongside Drake Seaworth (Doran's player's stand in character, a level 7 Eldritch Knight), Amur Stark, Erik Pyke, a newly freed and knighted Tuvrak, Ser Malthus Beesbury, and Doran's newly appointed executioner (literally just an NPC)

In the opening charge the executioner is killed and everyone but Daeron on Amur's side is unhorsed though Arthur Arryn is also knocked from his mount.

They brawl for a bit with Drake Seaworth dying pretty quickly and Daeron riding down the Kingsguard's Lord Commander Waldur Karstark and killing him. Amur gets cornered by his brother and Arthur Arryn with Roland rushing towards him. He disengages from Arthur and runs around to his brother's rear and stabs him with his valyrian steel spear (borrowed from the Martells) with a nat 20 wounding him badly enough that he cannot get out of the way of Roland's charge causing the two to crash into eachother.

Tuvrak faces down against Ser Eddard Arryn who even after a long match ultimately kills Tuvrak. Tuvrak's player takes control of Ser Beesbury who also after an even longer bout is killed by Ser Eddard with a dual hand removal (Those two were not cast aside, this here knight is a level 18 fighter and one of the finest knights to ever join the kingsguard) and now heads toward Amur.

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Erik rages his way through Perrik Seaworth (with a double crit btw) and when confronted with the battered and beaten figure of Arthur Arryn also slaughtered him (in a weird turn of fate making his previous character's son the Lord Paramount of the Vale)

Amur stabs into the muck not feeling like he hits anything before Eddard cuts him down. As he loses consciousness he sees a red steel blade slashing through the knights chest-plate and Roland raising the king's dead body to declare the trial over.

Two weeks later Amur awakens beaten and battered but alive. He discovers his brother died to a Valyrian steel blade (Tricky to say which seeing as five were involved in the battle) and that Roand has kept his men in the city to defend it.

Amur is crowned king and names Roland his hand (Roland's original goal in poisoning the Prince of Dorne to start a war and the dreamwine intended to take Amur hostage), Doran rules Dorne pretty poorly, fathers two dozen bastards, never gets married, and drinks himself to death at 30 because god he is just the worst ruler, Tuvrak's body is taken back to the mountains and burned by a mysterious red draped figure never seen again, and Erik is named master of ships and mirroring the beginning of the campaign he comes and takes a seat at the small council table.

Wanted to put this out there because I've seen alot of people in my search for resources on running a Westeros game who don't have anything to really go off of and I wanted to prove it can be run in DnD 5e (albeit with a little modification) and also this is just the first campaign i've run that I've been really proud of. A lot didn't go to plan but it still worked without me railroading, players got investing, and the final session didn't feel forced .

If you read this all, thank-you and I'm sorry. If you want to run a Westeros game like this and want help with something then ask, even if this thread is archived just private message me I'm open to talk.


Link to doc with banned spells: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rlZv4E4taOhLcGU8IJzBTRLQ2L3NJisHoDQMO7llkLM/edit?usp=sharing

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