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I don’t know what to do with the story. Help.

Content of the article: "I don’t know what to do with the story. Help."

I'm stumped on what to do with the story here and some suggestions on what to foreshadow or just general ideas would be great. I'm having problems getting from point A to point B.

The party is 3 (4 when another player can make it) level 9's that should soon be 10 (milestone). A ranger/rogue, druid, sorcerer, and a rogue/fighter (when here).

It's important to note that the entire world is at war with creatures that are trying to devour humanoids (called Archons) in this homebrew worlds. Supernatural creatures are not trusted and can be hunted down by one of the organizations created to fight them and are currently doing that in the war. The enemy is being mostly contained on a separate continent but bits and pieces get out and cause chaos.

The players were basically sent from Land A to Island B and told to gather information on Land A's enemies because they have been completely unable to get in contact with them in any way, shape, or form. Island B keeps sending people to attack Land A and though they have people captured, the refuse to talk. Hence, the party needing to go and figure out what's going on since no one from Land A can get close.

The party arrived at a small village and saw that the locals were wary. During the night the village was almost attacked by people that had the symbol of a elite group from Land A on them. The party thinks that these people were sent by Land A and so do the locals. The party was forced/asked to leave the village and the land because of information they kept to themselves and seemed suspicious during a time of war. The party got hints that Island B has been being attacked by Land A. Now they head towards the king of Island B to ask that they be allowed to stay on the island and maybe figure out whats going on.

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The reality is that a third party, the Archons, are trying to start a war between the powerful military of Land A and there old enemy Island B and cause a disruption that could help them win the war. By causing mistrust and chaos they hope to thin out numbers and slowly sabotage the nations to weaken there military strength and trust. They have been stopping communication to raise tensions. Neither side can afford a war with whats going on and it would leave both open to attack.

Problem is that I have no idea how to pull this off. The party should get to the King around the next session but so far they are traveling through the swamp. 2 of the people from the village attack got away last time and one of the village heads is actually in on the whole thing because his village was threatened with death by the creatures if he didn't help keep up the ruse.

The party is obviously suspicious and certain members have a habit of getting rude with NPCs when they don't get what they want. Social encounters with higher authorities have been weird and its hard to get them to engage in a quest when some have a habit of looking down their noses at NPCs and making them hostile or not wanting to help. No one is going to beg the outsiders for help.

With all of that, how can I convey that there is a third party behind all of this. I am completely out of idea and can't think of anything. Any ideas would be great.

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