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I have 2 questions, 1 answer given is appreciated.

Content of the article: "I have 2 questions, 1 answer given is appreciated."

Firstly, hello my co-DM/GM’s out there.

1.) I have a world setting I’m slowly adding to over on World Anvil, it’s D&D setting being built with 5e in mind but vague enough for it to be applied to many game genres with the right tweaking. My question is this: how best do I flesh out enough of a setting—as far as myths, history, flora/fauna, races/species, weather, religion, conflict… I feel like I’m answering my own question. Let me rephrase: when worldbuilding for a campaign of friends and coworkers, but also using this to flesh out more of the world through the creativity of others and use that to publish later, how far should I flesh out the intricacies of the categories stated previously before giving the players more agency? I know it might be subjective, but I’m searching for ideas.

2.) More importantly, my daughter (almost 10) and wife are gaining interest in playing a game of D&D with me! I meant ion a “candy-land” game where instead of Iron materials u have other hard candy types like a crossbow bolt made from pop rocks so they explode on impact for a damage bonus.


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A game of a fairy kingdom where I use the idea of “time is relative” and maybe 24hour day for small to large creatures is a year to fairies or pixies or sprites or whatever “mini” creature u want to call it. Incorporate the folklore of the welsh corgi being the mounts of the “mini” species. My question for this is, how far down should I shrink their stat sheets? Basic check bonuses and such and a few other ideas I have, as my daughter has been acting things out more in a descriptive and dramatic fashion when playing games. Any advice u may have in regards to how much Role vs Roll should I use? NOTE: my daughter, since kindergarten has said she will be the first person on Mars. She loves STEM fields and sciences a great deal <I say as I puff out my chest> so math isn’t a problem, and Sci-Fi is on the table as she’s a Star Dork like her parents and SW5e exists too.

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Again, 1 answer will do and DM ok too. Thanks again and hopefully someone else will gain something from this as well.

Game on, Ladies and Gents

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