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I have a neat, sympathetic BBEG with interesting motivations and backstory…and I have no idea what to do with her.

Sorry, this is gonna be a long one! If you and your party have recently met a cooky old wizard with a racoon familiar and explored an abandoned haunted castle with lots of spooky aberrations don't you dare read any further!

I have a campaign set in a northern sort of Skyrim-esque land where Selune is one of the predominant god's.

Quick BBEG background: (not quick at all…sorry!)

One of Selune's Planetars, know as the a "Shard," was summoned by a sect of Selunites to help them fight a wizard who was trying to do spooky stuff with the Far Realm. As is known to happen in Selune mythos, this Shard became extremely fond of the people she was summoned to aid. However the spooky incomprehensible far realm stuff proved very difficult to combat and, while successful at neutralising the threat, the Shard failed to save the group she was working with. Being spooky far realm stuff, the souls of the dead have been twisted into abominations, a fate worse than death in a world where afterlife is very real.

Upon her return to the outer planes, the Shard was heartbroken, frustrated, and probably a little less sane after experiencing the far realm's work. Dissatisfied with Selune's apparent dear and inability to do anything about the situation, the Shard became obsessed with trying to thwart far realm threats and to seek ways to un-twist the souls of those who fell victim to experiments and abominations. So obsessed that she employed warlocks to seek artifacts and the necessary magical means to be summoned into the prime material plane without Selune's knowledge.

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After successfully making it to the prime material to purge the far realms influence in various places, she began to hear whispers of a sympathetic benefactor – someone who was also afraid of the far realm and was willing to share their power to help save the souls from the alien fate. The Shard agreed to this pact and began using these powers and artifacts to preserve the souls of those tainted by the far realm, absorbing them or storing them so they weren't consumed or broken by the far realm.

Turns out this benefactor is Orcus preying on a weakened & alienated celestial and this power he has shared is reskinned undead/necromancy that the Shard is convinced or coerced into thinking is some sort of "moonborn" or something, unable to see that she's been manipulated.

She ends up becoming a fiend of sorts, but unaware or blind to the changes to her body and the nature of her powers. After the fallen Shard goings on some wanton killing sprees and raises a sizable army of "moonborn," Selunites among other notable churches band together to deal with her. Selune, being ever forgiving and sympathetic to one of her favoured angels lends her power to banish the fallen Shard to a demi-plane prison for hundreds of years.

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Current campaign and dilemma:

The whole campaign started because the party's cleric's church had some Selunite relics stolen. The party has pursued the thieves to the secluded gates of eternity, an ancient planar portal, where the thieves will attempt to use the stolen artifacts and the gates of eternity to free the fallen Shard from her demi-plane prison.

The Fallen Shards backstory seems a bit contrived, but I wanted to make her relevant to nearly every member of the party. i.e. the party's cleric is a follower of Selune, the tieflings bloodline is somehow connected to this fallen shard's new fiendishness, the bard is an aasimar who has been having prophetic dreams about all this, and they are dealing with far realm abominations etc.

The problem is, once she is unleashed from her prison, I have no clue what to do with her. I haven't thought of her "big plan" I guess. She is unknowingly creating undead, does not think she is doing any evil, and believes she is the only thing that stands between the far realm's spookyness and mortal souls. In her mind, she's a martyr and a saviour.

Bless you if you've read through all that and you're still here. If you have any ideas about how I can wreak havoc using this villain in a tragic and spectacular way, please let me know as quite frankly, I'm hitting a complete block.

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TL;DR: fallen angel of Selune unknowingly makes deal with demon lord under the guise of saving mortal souls from the far realm. Ran out of creative juice about how to use her/actually play the BBEG.


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