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I have a plot hole I need to resolve

Content of the article: "I have a plot hole I need to resolve"

So my players have been recently been trying to get the current leader of their country out of power. This matriarch, Alela, is a religious fanatic who rules with an iron fist. They managed to put her brother, Dmitri into power as the patriarch instead who is much kinder.
Dmitri isn't as interested in politics as Alela, but was persuaded by the players into becoming patriarch as he'll help a lot of people that way. He agreed under the condition that his identity as patriarch was to be kept a secret and his subordinates would speak on his behalf.

Last session after making Dmitri patriarch, Alela invited them to meet at this magical barrier to speak with the players. But it was a trap and she attacked them off guard along with her bodyguards. They forced the players through the barrier essentially imprisoning them in a separate region of the world.

A secret they share is that Alela and Dmitri are a part of a family of demigods called exarchs who each represent a different school of magic. Alela's is abjuration and Dmitri's is divination.
This is why Dmitri could so easily become patriarch as Alela was hiding her identity as an exarch and making people think that she wasn't one. Any exarch can assume the role of patriarch or matriarch if they wish, and Alela believed it would be in her best long term plans if she let Dmitri be patriarch for a while, make him "disappear," and then assume role as matriarch again revealing her exarch status. But she knows the players would get in the way, so she disposed of them.

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Now a plot hole my players notified me about afterword is that Dmitri not warning them about this meeting.
As the exarch of divination, he has the ability to see into the future, past, and present. I've already established that while he can use his powers to view most things, he use them to directly view his siblings. But my players say he could have seen their future. He's their friend, so he should have done something to stop the meeting.

What could be the reason he missed this? I want him to still be friendly with the players when they eventually meet back up with him but somehow was unable to warn them of this event.

TL;DR Players are friends with a powerful diviner, but he was unable to warn them ahead of time when his sister (the BBEG) imprisoned them. What was the reason he was unable to warn them?

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