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I have a “That Guy” in my party, how can I deal with him?

Content of the article: "I have a “That Guy” in my party, how can I deal with him?"

Basically, he's a wild magic sorcerer and he's not 'that guy' in the sense that he tries to metagame and fuck with the rules, he's 'that guy' in that he routinely tries to fuck over the party and do everything himself. He sees it as hilarious. Here's an example:

I gave my party a little quest where they had to find an old wizard's "cat" but when they found it, it was actually a manticore. They're a level 3 party of 6, so they wouldn't've had any issues taking it out. I put it there just so that our druid would be useful, and having a manticore for an animal companion would've been rad. When they eventually killed the wizard, they found a magic whistle that would notify the manticore of their position and it could come and help out whenever they wanted it. However, it wasn't the druid that actually found the whistle, it was our warlock. He's cool though, and he would've given it to our druid if 'that guy' hadn't said "I WANT THE WHISTLE." despite the fact that the warlock slipped it into his pocket with an 18 sleight of hand check. We had a little argument, and he was so insistent on getting the whistle but he gave up after I used my DM Voice™ and told him he couldn't get the whistle because he didn't even know it existed.

Second example: when he meets anything powerful that can understand speech, he immediately tries to piss it off by acting like a child. When he met the aforementioned manticore, he asked it for a ride on its back and basically just tried to annoy it. A similar thing actually got him killed a few sessions ago, when he did a similar thing to an ancient red dragon I just threw in to the game to add atmosphere. It wasn't meant to interact with the party, but this guy screamed so fucking loud (rolled a nat 20) that he got his attention and then pissed it off so much that it just decided to kill him. He's on his second character now, but he still hasn't learned.

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I should add the funny part to this story: Whenever the party thinks he's about to fuck them over, the fighter grabs him and ties him up, then shoves him into a chest that the party carries around specifically for this.

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