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I have an idea for my low level characters. Is it too over-the-top (OTT)? Am I peaking too soon?

I am going to try and cut a long story as short as possible because to fill you all in with all the details would turn this post into a thesis (it's already an essay). Will provide clarifications if neccessary though.

I'm running Descent into Avernus. I'm just using the adventure book as a framework at the moment, and I'm writing a lot of my own stuff. This post concerns stuff which I have written myself. The main thing I want to think about when reading this: is this cool, or is it OTT. For context, my players are level 3 (started at 1) and the events of this post will probably happen on session 5-6. The reason they are low level is why I am worried about this being OTT.

I'm bringing in a high level cleric from one of the old Baldur's Gate games (Anomen). I think this is cool because many of my players have played the games. He will be very, very old by this time. Think like 120+ years old. Basically the power of his god is keeping him alive. It's going to be a reveal, so to the party, he is just an old man with mysterious powers. In time, they will realise it's Anomen. One of my players is a paladin, and Anomen will be the one to adminster the swearing of the paladin's oath. Cool or OTT?

Prior to this point, all of my players would be doing their own individual quests. My campaign focuses heavily on how exactly the players get more powerful. I think it's kind of stupid that in dnd you go up a level and suddenly you can do all these new things. I like to write it into the story. The part where the swearing of the oath happens is kind of the moment the entire party comes back together. It's the culimnation of the session. Each one of them would have faced individual challenges (which are short of course, so other players do not get bored) to get to this point. Cool or OTT?

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One of my players had to quit on session 1 because of real life stuff. It's a shame because I actually focused a lot of my campaign on that player. They were a warlock serving Bel (even though they did not know it was Bel, even OOC). I handled this by killing the player's character, their body currently lies in a home base of the players. Bel is going to use that player's body to summon in a very powerful devil (think pit fiend levels of power) to reclaim something the players have stolen from somewhere for some reason (sparing you unncessary detail here). Cool or OTT?

At the moment of the oaths completion, the devil makes an assault on the party. Lesser devils assault the church this is taking place in, culminating in the powerful devil crashing through the roof of the church and fighting the party directly when all the lesser devils have been killed. Of course, a level 3 party would get absolutely destroyed by this. Luckily, they have Anomen, who is going to use all that remains of his great power. Anomen would be a very high level cleric, Anomen has played a massive role in shaping the history of Faerun through the Bhaalspawn saga. Assisting of the slaying of Ancient dragons, liches, even the Demogorgon. In my world, he is literally one of the most poweful mortals in Faerun. He will be a huge boon to the players; for example, he is able to cast aid at a high level basically doubling player HP. I will ensure that this happens before any player takes damage, even fudging rolls if I need to. Cool or OTT?

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This is the part I am most worried about. This paragraph is why I felt compelled to post this. I expect the players to die even with Anomen's help. I don't imagine the winning of this fight. It's possible they win, but quite likely they don't. However, a level 20 cleric can receive guarenteed divine intervention from their god. How this would play out is that Anomen calls out to their god, and all that happens is the party is resurrected with full health and maybe a temporary boon to fight on. This kind of thing is a one-off, and is not going to be something that happens often. My inspiration for this is from many video games (which all of my players play a lot of), where at the start of the game there is often a moment where your character witnesses immense power, which foreshadows progression, and what entites with potential are capable of. Think Duncan from Dragon Age: Origins, Irenicus in the dungeon from Baldur's Gate 2, getting the power armor at the start of the game and fighting a deathclaw at the start of Fallout 4. Cool or OTT?

I'm worried about peaking too soon in the campaign. This is by no means the only time characters will witness immense power, and towards the end they will of course start to wield it themselves, but to have something like this happen so early (will happen around session 5-6 I imagine), worries me. Advice?

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