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I interrupt an intense argument between my warlock and druid by giving a princess a blanket.

Content of the article: "I interrupt an intense argument between my warlock and druid by giving a princess a blanket."

be me, homebrew living armor fighter.

be not me, lizardfolk fay warlock and human druid, rest of the party isnt important.

on our way through the countryside of an evil empire.

encounter stage coach attacked by bandits.

defeat bandits as the last coach guard bleeds out thanking us.

notice the stage coach has the symbol of evil empire dukedom.

open stage coach to find the next princess to the empire.


party steps away for a moment to discuss.

Warlock:ok so as far as I see it we have two options, stab her and make it look like a bandi-

Druid:why would we stab her!?

Warlock:would you agree that princesses and people in similar situations that are political pawns are effectively in a situation where they’re in incredibly strict lessons daily lessons that border on torture by instructors so they dont do anything shameful as queen and make their house look bad?

Druid:…I guess..

Warlock:and would you agree that people born into noble houses as political pawns are effectively indoctrinated into a mind-set where self preservation and actually thinking for themselves is discouraged?

Druid:oh no I see where you’re going with this.

Warlock:so if we end her life quickly not only will we be putting her out of her misery, but we will also harm the evil empire slightly.

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Druid:but we could just take her away from this life-

Warlock:but what if she still holds those values and betrays us later!? Also she probably doesnt know how to do anything that could be useful to us and would be dead weight.


Me:I walk over and give her a warm blanket before checking to see if she has any wounds.

Dm:a single tear falls from one of her eyes.

warlock facepalms OOC

Me:yeah I say we dont kill her.

Warlock:groans fine but im not using any of my gold or food on her

a few sessions later she has one level in fighter and Warlock goes back on his word and spends some money to buy her a handaxe.

edit:wow there are a surprising number of people that want follow ups, where would I even post those? on this sub but with pt.2 etc?

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