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I just got the most amazing compliment from one of my players, and it taught me a valuable lesson

Content of the article: "I just got the most amazing compliment from one of my players, and it taught me a valuable lesson"

We’re playing a homebrew campaign that just transitioned into the Out of the Abyss module. The players are all old friends that played in high school, but we’re all married with kids now, and so occasionally one or two wives will play with us. They don’t really love dnd the way we do, but they find fun here and there and try to keep up.

One of those wives — J — has played with us off and on for a while, but she never really cared if she missed a game or not when our previous DM was running the game, and eventually she kind of quit playing. Her ambivalence to the game often lead to sessions where her hubby couldn’t play because he had other stuff they needed to do together, and given the choice she picked other stuff over DnD. We played biweekly, but she would often complain about how often he played and didn’t like that it was “taking over their lives.”

She didn’t start playing with us again until several sessions into our current campaign with me DMing.

So last session she spoke up at one point and said she wanted to flirt with one of the guards in Velkenvelve. She’s a surface gnome slave and he’s an Underdark drow soldier — he is obviously unaffected by the flirting. But she has a super high charisma score, J argued. Yeah, but he … hates your kind. At best. It doesn’t work.

I could tell this peeved her, but we pressed on.

At the beginning of the next session she grabbed me. “Listen, you have to let me flirt.”

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“Ok, J. You can flirt all you want. I’ll never tell you you can’t flirt. It’s just a matter of whether the person you’re flirting with is susceptible to your flirtations.”

“Ok. You just … you have to let me flirt.”

I could tell she was adamant. Later the party escaped Velkenvelve with many fellow slaves in tow, including Sarith. At some point she told me she wanted to flirt with him, so I shrugged and said why not. I let her flirt with him, which led to her seducing him, which led to a carefully phrased affirmation that, yes, you two got busy. I even made her do a couple of challenge rolls.

The whole time she is SUPER into this and gets really excited every time she succeeds on a challenge roll. The game ended not long after and she and her hubby left. But no sooner than they had left my phone went off. It was a text from J, and she was trying to set up a another game for the next weekend.

You hear that? The non-DnD wife who used to sit in on games half on her cell phone and didn’t like that we played every other weekend … That person texted me seconds after our session practically begging to play again the very next weekend. And since then she’s become the main player who organizes the rest of the group and schedules sessions.

I got one, you guys! I converted someone who arguably “didn’t like D&D” into someone actively excited about playing! And I did it by listening to her when she not-so-subtly told me what she wanted. Without realizing it she was telling me what kind of D&D she wanted to play. All I had to do was give her that D&D. And she LOVED it!

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I can hear “Good job” a thousand times and it will never be as amazing of a compliment as that simple text she sent.

Tl;dr — If you can, give your players what they want. Don’t be a DM that railroads your party into playing the kind of D&D that you want to play. Find out what they love about D&D and just give it to them. It’s not hard to do, and your players will love it.

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