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I just ran a “Dream Session” where the players got the maguffin in a one-shot-like session. Where do I go from here?

Content of the article: "I just ran a “Dream Session” where the players got the maguffin in a one-shot-like session. Where do I go from here?"

Only 3 of my 6 players were free on Saturday so we ran a level 11 session where I just gave them their character sheets (they have no clue what to do when to level up so they were 100% fine with me making their sheets for them) which was a major boost from level 4. We had some discussion on ending our current campaign in the near future since the main plot point of reviving a dead PC was cut short when the player ragequit and said some nasty things about my campaign and story. The resurrection is gonna be meaningless since he isn't there to play the 2 PCs that died under his control.

Anyways we decided to run another campaign soon and bring this one to a close and open into another part of the region for the new game. Everyone's decently excited, but on Saturday only 3 players could be there for the game, so I last minute decided to give them the 3 items to help their necromancer contractor ascend into lichdom (they just think it's for them to be able to raise some more bodies to invade a corrupt kingdom but he will double cross them).

I decided to run a one shot without telling my 3 players to where we opened on their Level 11 sheets (they are level 4 in our main game) and I had them have spotty memory, but they remember working for the necromancer a lot and being sent here, to a dungeon in hell. They thought this was just what we were doing instead of a new campaign and they just went down into the dungeon. They cleared it and got the 3 homebrew items for the lich transformation to go ahead, and at the end of the 3-4 hour one shot I had them wake up in the camp they left off in last game, but they had the items they didn't know they were going to be sent for soon, so it'll make the story go faster so we can prep for the new campaign.

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Is it a good idea to have like 2-3 sessions where they help gather the ingredients for the lich potion and then the lich turns on them, killing them to get full control since they only work for money. It would end the game early and I could use their PCs as bosses later. Is this a good idea? I want to keep it as a surprise if I do keep the idea in my pocket.

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