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I just want to share my excitement about DnD.

Content of the article: "I just want to share my excitement about DnD."

Tomorrow I will be heading off to another city to play Dungeons and Dragons in person with a very good friend of mine. Several months ago, I managed to get him listening to the Glass Canon Podcast as an introduction to TTRPGs, and ever since he has loved the whole DnD universe. On Saturday, we will finally get to play in person together after months of lockdown woe and abuse of Roll20 which I’m sure some of you can relate to.

Over the last few months we have been trying to plug an idea we call the ‘DnD Buffet’, where people can come together and play in a homebrew or prewritten oneshot on a semi-regular basis, and each session is ran by a different player. The thought behind it is that there are a lot of potential players out there who have never been afforded the opportunity to actually give DnD a try, or existing players whose campaigns are not regular enough due to other flaky PCs or the party members’ other commitments. Also, it gives the forever DMs an opportunity to finally play that Path of the Totem Warrior Barbarian they’ve been dreaming about, or to give one of the players a chance to get to try their hand at DMing and play an idea of their own. The mission of the DnD Buffet is to bring DnD players together and play the game we all love more often, and introduce the game we love to people who haven’t had a chance to experience it.

We have had a number of successful oneshots online all ran by different people, however on Saturday we will be hosting the first in-person DnD Buffet session. We originally planned a 5 PC oneshot, however 2 people unfortunately had to drop out so we’re down to 3 PCs. Our spirits are still high however, as the 2 other players will be trying out DnD for the first time, and we are hoping to show them the time of their lives so they can play in the Buffet more often, or perhaps join one of our regular campaigns.

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My friend, who is DMing this session, has planned an epic oneshot that will be kicking off after a BBQ and few beers at around 2pm, and will finish when the mission is complete, whatever time that may be! He has bought some amazing props, including a ‘Golden Maze’ magnetic maze with walls and doors from Games06, Official D&D Tactical Battle Maps reincarnated, Loke’s ‘The Dungeon books of Battle Mats’, and printable minis from 'Printable Heroes' website, all of which I cannot wait to experience first-hand. The maps I use when I DM that are generally drawn on a whiteboard with a dry marker will no doubt pale in comparison, but we all know that the true magic of DnD comes from the shared experience of story telling.

The real reason for this post is just to share my excitement. My wife could not give less of a shit about DnD, and I don’t really have anyone that I can gass to about how fired up I am for Saturday. So I thought I would share my feelings here. DnD is such a brilliant game, and I am so excited to be able to share the experience with players old and new. Thanks for reading. I hope all of your games are going well, and that you are able to play as regularly as you want to.

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