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I killed 2 characters tonight…

Content of the article: "I killed 2 characters tonight…"

I've been running a low-level adventure on Roll20 for a group of 6 and I've been doing my best to keep them alive, but they seem determined to suicide by BBEG. So far, there have been 4 deaths and a fudgy TPK that was narrowly avoided. Tonight they went up against a young black dragon and the party's wizard got melted with acid breath. Crit failed the 1st death save, then failed the next save. I had him pray and roll a d100 and he rolls a 100…

He's scrambling to roll lucky dice and use portent dice and I allow it b/c I really like the player and the character and it'd be a shame to see him die… So I work out that I'll allow him to choke back to life with another chance to save if he can beat his portent die with a d100 roll…and he rolls a 69, grabs his crotch, spits out, "I never liked any of you guys," and dies. The acid dissolves his body into a puddle literally on top of a magic shield that was in the horde he was pilfering. I couldn't have written it better. Went out on a shield, spitting vitriol just like in life. I hated killing the character, but everyone was in tears with laughter as one of the more memorable moments of our adventure.


The party is depressed, so they RUN AWAY with the dragon at half health, leaving the wizard unavenged. In the process, the ranger gets clawed and goes down. Someone says, "Now don't be like the wizard," and…he crit fails the first save. Next turn, the monk realizes that he's got a medicine kit, so he goes over and clamps down on the wound and I say, "Don't roll a 1,"…and it's a 1…

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I let the player roll a d100 and he hit something up in the 70's, so no help there. As the life escapes him, the ranger's Elf form disappears to reveal his true shapeshifter nature and the monk is like, "aw hell, if I'd have known his liver was over HERE…." That character was only a few sessions old, too. I feel bad for the player, but maybe he'll stop rolling rangers now.

One character fled the scene entirely, and the remaining 3 managed to chase off the dragon and occupy its sizeable hoard. They even left an arrow buried in one of its eyes, so they didn't die entirely in vain and I've got an awesome potential villain for future use. That was probably the best session I've DM'd yet and I just had to share with someone outside the group.

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