Dungeons & Dragons Online

I killed the Younglings (5e)

Be me, lvl 10 Human war wizard

Be not me, Gnoll Fighter, Tiefling Warlock & Tiefling Artificer

Sent by High king to infiltrate and sabotage some ballistas before their upcoming siege on a city of dragon worshipping cultists

I've been horrified ever since the burning of my home city by siege

balancing the necessity of this siege with the morality of besieging a city and inflicting that same horror on the next generation

Tiefling Warlock has a pseudodragon pet that gets spotted while scouting

causes whole city to panic and head for shelter

I'm in the shelter when I see Artificer head up to the surface

I follow in the hopes of bringing them back down to safety

he wants to know whats going on so I use my raven familiar to look around outside

familiar immediately gets shot out of the sky and dies


eventually free to leave shelters, get called in for questioning

Cult leader wants to know why I was flying a magical raven about, wants to know if I saw a dragon

I know nothing so I don't even have to lie

plausible deniability ftw

Cult leader tells me he'll reimburse me the materials to resummon my raven

shop for a bit

racist dragonkin shoves past me

misty step past him to get a duck kebab

"THINK YOU'RE FUNNY MEAT!" and grapples me

"Hilarious" Misty Step into the road

stare down.jpg

they decide I'm not worth it

meet High Cleric who gives me a metric fuckton of charcoal and a small bag of herbs and asks me why I need 10 golds worth of charcoal

sigh and explain I wanted a large amount of herbs not the other way around

we laugh and resummon my raven

he invites me to help him with his ritual later

the ritual is to summon their dragon god and her minions to provide reinforcements because they think there are spies in the city


say yes to ritual and meet up with party to plot High Clerics assassination

got party on board with the murder plot

went to ritual and started helping

Tiefling warlock attacks while I hold him down with telekinesis

Tiefling gets downed and I have to finish him

Lvl 5 magic missile ftw

finish him off with Tieflings knife to avoid leaving any evidence of myself

heal Tiefling with a scroll and give him knife

as he runs away an acolyte reveals himself and he saw everything

no witnesses.exe

Tiefling flies off, I run over to the acolytes body and hold pressure on his wounds even tho he's dead

HELP!! Assassin!! Help!!

brought in for questioning, I rat out Tiefling completely

They believe me and I'm free to go

a guard watches me sleep for 3 days straight

kept my cover perfectly

party finds me

immediately begin conspiring in front of me, the ballistas were sabotaged to burn when fired with oil and flint


Fight our way out as the guards attack

we get to temple and dimension door out

watch as city burns

Jarl congratulates us on a job well done, asks if we know of any hidden shelters

Tiefling Artificer says no

I head into the city to see what I've done


I head down to the shelter

if I don't do this they will all grow up to become enemies of the human lands

the killing will end when there's noone left to kill

Wall of Fire cooking the entire shelter and everyone in it to death

Anakin Skywalker.exe

the Jarl's men find me among the ashes

not a single survivor, nor a single combatant among the dead

party finds out and leaves him behind

I get recruited by a group of war criminals, I join to kill every orc the same way I killed this city

Darth Vader.jpg


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