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I ‘m having my first session 0 as a DM next monday. What more can I do to help a group of new players?

Alright, so, I got obsessed with dnd over the past few months, I played a campaign and a couple of one shots, theory crafted a lot of characters and read a lot of articles and wikis and stuff. All this was with randos over the internet, but the other day, a friend of mine commented that she had wanted to play dnd for a while with a group of friends but said she had trouble finding a DM.

I had been toying around with the idea for a while, and honestly read rules and interactions for fun on a regular basis. So, I offered myself to DM. Since then I had been planning and writing stuff for what the campaign would be (an adaptation of a popular homebrew short campaign) and, today, we decided next week we will have session 0.

Now I'm a bit anxious, not only because this is my first time DMing, but also because most of the people involved have never played DnD. So, a lot of expectations are based of memes and some general cultural knowledge, and I'm worried I'll lose their interest in the first session conversation about it, or that the rules will feel like too annoying to learn

I am doing most I can to allow their learning to be easier

  • I made a channel on our discord server specifically for links to helpful pages
  • I offered myself to help on the character creation process, either on class selection, backstory etc
  • I made and uploaded some infographic like pics that explain the different character sheet sections
  • I said they could change their class until level 4 in case they did not like it
  • I mentioned I was open to workshop custom races and even some abilities (in fact one character is a custom race with some retouches in the class chosen to fit the character)
  • I said I would use session 0 to also explain combat and respond any questions about game mechanics
  • I said multiple times my dms are open and anyone can message me for any cause

For now, I have 1 character fully done, with character sheet and all and 1 with a general backstory and the general idea of class (she is still deciding on subclass). The other 4, I only know what class they want to play because my friend commented what they planned on playing, but I don't think they have much more than that. It's still early so I'm not too worried tho

In any case, I want to know what other things I can do to help a group of new players get involved with the game, and make the learning of it easier. What things should I take note to talk about on session 0

I also have troubles deciding the begining. They are going to start in a tabern (yes, i know) and either be hired to deal with the wererats on the basement or travel together. Is there anyway to ensure they will stick together naturally? Should i just say they all have been travelling together? Should I make them meet there and hope they all decide to not stray from eachother's path?

Not everybody in the party knows eachother so I want to avoid at all cost that they split into two groups and barely interact with eachother

TL;DR: First time DM needs advice to prepare for next week's session 0. Help!


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