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I made a DnD/RPG game using Discord and just feel like sharing it!

Content of the article: "I made a DnD/RPG game using Discord and just feel like sharing it!"

I am still very new to posting things on reddit but I felt like sharing my experience thus far on my experience on Dungeons and Dragons, game designing and story writing.

Hi, I go by the name as Aza among my online peers and art-related work. Since June this year, I've created a DnD/RPG style game using Discord as a Dice-bot and played it among my friends to cope with the COVID-19 lockdown in my country. My friends had a lot of fun and since then it expanded to the point I have someone oversea friends of my friends joining in.

The game is based on a online novel I have written on Webnovel called 'Traveler'. And because it didn't get the feedback I was hoping on there, I've decided to turn the novel into the game as a way of expanding the story, the mechanics and lore.


Traveler is a story about a boy within his early teens woke up in a middle of a dense forest with no memories of who he is, how he looked like and how he got here in the first place. After some incident, he met up with another person who had the similar experience with him. He explained that just like him, they are called 'Travelers', people transported into a world where swords and magic exist with no memories and to live among the local. Most importantly, 'Travelers' are a common thing in this world. And thus, begun the adventurers of a young boy in an unknown world.

For the game, every new player is a 'Traveler' who is transported into the same world, but a different continent (Note: the map of this world is based on our own world). They along with other players will fight through battles, gain experience and levels, and slowly uncover a different perspective of the same story.

The world has 6 races, Humans, Elves, Beastfolks, Demons, Dwarves and Orcs. Each with their own distinct physical traits, advantages in battle and also disadvantages. For example, orcs will start with an increase defense stat and lower HP stat. They also have an ability which allows them to do critical damage easier based on their luck. (Critical damage is ATK x2 if Dice is 18 or above). Thus with a maxed out luck stat, orcs can deal critical damage when they roll a 14.

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Because I have almost zero knowledge on DnD other than rolling 20 sided dices, the game works more like a RPG game. A party of 4 Travelers will go through a dungeon that includes 3 rounds of battles. After those three rounds, players will then gain a level and use those levels to learn different skills.

A single battle usually contains 1 to 3 targets in a turn-based style battle. Party arrangement will be based on the arrangement of attack. For example, the last person to attack will be positioned in the front as the tanker as most enemies will attack the targets closer to them, while the others who attacks first will be placed behind.

Skills and Titles

One thing I noticed in most RPG games, movies or any other fantasy like story is how illogical it is for the main characters are when learning a new ability or gaining experience in general. Games usually work where players would just a learn a skill and immediately being able to use those skills without going through a learning phase or practicing. Thus, I've used a learning mechanic to gain skills and titles based on a requirement and rank mechanic.

Starting with skills, up to now there are about 50+ skills that can be learned simply just by achieving a certain requirement and each skill has a rank starting from E. For example, clearing a dungeon, a player would receive an 'Experience Skill' called, 'Survival Rank E' that would increase their base HP by 1. And as more DIFFERENT dungeons they cleared, they would increase its rank and would also increase the HP improvement. The ranks can go up to D, C, B, A and on rare cases, S if a certain special achievement is achieved.

Magic is another thing, people don't just learn fire magic directly without going through some sort of practice and mana understanding. Thus, I've implemented 'Level Skills', which are skills learned by applying a skill point they earned whenever they level up. For example, if a player wants to learn fire magic, a player has to first learn a basic magic skill known as 'Mana Channeling' from levelling up and then unlock the 'Fire Magic' skill on the next level. And even so, they could only shot small fireballs on single targets. Therefore, players will then have to use keep using 'Fire Magic' and slowly increase it's rank to be able to use more advanced magic skills. Also keep in mind, all 'Level Skills' also have ranks.

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That's about it for skills and now on with the titles. Another thing in RPG games I have noticed is the fact that there are very little varieties of classes available for players to choose from usually. They would usually be either warriors, knights, archers and mages, on small occasions thieves and monks but then that's about it. Because of it's limit, I used a 'Title' mechanic that allows players to not only receive classes but also receive titles for achieving other hilarious or special requirements.

For example, when a player received a 'Sword Wield Rank E' and 'Survival Rank D', they will receive a 'Warrior' title that allows them to learn a skill that only 'Warriors' can use. After that, warriors will then be able to branch out to other titles if they achieved the requirements needed.

Funny titles such as 'Undead' can be achieved if a player dies from throwing his own body into a battle and was failed to be revived by a healer. After receiving the 'Undead' title, the player will then be immune to any form of damage except light magic and piercing damage.

Oh, did I mentioned they can only have 1 HP.


So as I have stated dungeons include 3 battle phases and upon clearing these 3 battles, they would clear the dungeon. But because of how realistic I would like my game to be, when a player's character dies in a dungeon, they will immediately lose their character forever and would need to make a new one if they want to continue playing. Therefore, forcing my players to actually strategize their attacks.

Along with a dungeon battle, I also implemented a Boss Battle. Basically it's a dungeon with only one enemy but is usually very strong compared to the usual mobs. Because of how strong they usually are, I've decided that characters who died in this battle would not be lost forever with a basic reason of 'They would fall back immediately when realizing they were overpowered'.

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That's about it I want to share about my self made game. Any feedbacks or opinions will be great! If you would like to know more about the game, you can consider reading my journal given in the link below about more in depth details of the game. I am planning to use this for my portfolio/game proposal when I'm satisfied with the overall creation.

Of course, I accept any DMs if anyone would like to talk more about the game I've made. And if you ever find a party of 4 who would like to try it out, feel free to drop me a message too!

Thanks for reading!

GAME MASTER JOURNAL (still expanding): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vd2MpOLWh1b4MQzhnhzD0oYFc6uCduvr?usp=sharing

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