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I may have died, but I feel like I won in the end

Content of the article: "I may have died, but I feel like I won in the end"

> Be me, Dragonkin Cleric of the Forge

> Be not me, best friend DM & second best friend Tortle Ranger

> One shot campaign

> First time playing D&D

> Wrote up a backstory for my character, he and his two brothers were slaves to a crazy scientist dude

> Guy is obsessed with this 'ultimate dragonkin' mumbo jumbo

> Brothers are NPCs that I was thinking of taking over when the Cleric dies, one a fighter and one a spellcaster, but left it vague so I could figure it out whenever

> Hour three

> Mordekai Baseto (crazy scientist dude) rolls up, unveils his cart with a large cage on it

> Beneath the dirt and grime, the sunlight catches on some white scales

> Oh frick

> Mordekai casts some spells, fail Arcana check to find out what they were

> In a (non-barbaric) rage, I run towards Mordekai

> Fail a perception check and fall into a pit trap like a big ol' dumb

> Somehow was teleported from the pit into the caged cart

> Kind of against the spell's description, but Mordekai had cast Arcane Gate at the bottom of the pit trap to link to his slave cart

> Knocked prone due to the forced teleport and fall damage, got tangled up with my brothers

> Their blue eyes are now a dull grey

> Must be drugged af

> Tortle Ranger fires an arrow at Mordekai, big whoop he does damage

> Mordekai's turn

> Smirks and goes on a tirade, talking about this ultimate beast

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> Literally just a jumbled mess of an organism

> Casts Wish

> Oh frack

> "I wish for the ultimate beast to come to exist, in exchange for these three sacrifices."

> Spongebob_5_minutes_later.png

> Dude literally was looking for an excuse to use "polymerization" in a sentence lmao

> Wait that's my character and two back-ups that are being targeted

> Hol_up.jpg

> Mordekai speaks

> "It's here! I created the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragonkin!"

> Mordekai baseto

> morde Kaiba Seto

> my friend's face when he realized he just played almost 4 hours for a Yu-Gi-Oh joke

> mfw I triggered his trap card

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